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Awakening the Spirit, Issue #028-- The Space of Love
August 18, 2010

The Space of Love

Dear Beings of Light,

When I sit down to write for you, I always wonder what I will say that will have any meaning for you. Then I take a look into my own life at the issues I am working with myself. Inevitably I will find something that seems like it needs a voice. And that is what I ask my teachers to help me write about. This month, the subject is "The Space of Love". And here is what my own spirit teachers have to say on the subject.

Greetings my dear one,

We have heard your request. We will now bring forward the message which is most important for you and your readers right now.

You and they are continually searching for a new message - one which you have not yet heard. But we must tell you, there is no new message for you. There is only one message and it is the same message that it has always been. It is the message of love. The books the channel is reading right now speak of this message. It is from within the space of love that all good on your planet arises. This space of love is the space to which you and all others are striving to now move yourselves. It is this space of love that holds itself open for you and invites you to enter. This space of love is the most gracious and life-affirming space you will ever encounter.

From within your body, you can emanate the warmth of love from within the space of love you hold inside. You can also connect with those around - to the space of love within them. The children know about it. The babies especially know about it. But only a short moment into their lives, this space of love begins to close down. The environment they find themselves within is not conducive to supporting this space of love. The parental control which is imposed upon them has the tendency to close down their space of love.It is done not from any malicious purpose by the parents. It is done because that is the only way the parents know to behave.

We want you to know that there is another way to allow your little ones to hold on to their innocence and to remain in their space of love for all their lives. It will require a great deal of personal sacrifice on your part. You must completely give up your own training which you received from your parents. You believe that you learned the right way to parent your own children from the way your parents raised you. You want to believe that you did not internalize their methods of parenting you. We know that you want to believe that you are inventing your own methods of parenting your children. We want to say to you that this is not true.

Truly the only way for you to recreate the parenting skills within you is for you to become completely vulnerable to your children. And what do we mean by that? You know how you feel when the little one is first laid in your arms? You remember the involuntary upwelling of love that you felt for your child? That is what we are talking about. We want you to return to that moment of complete vulnerability to love that the little being inspired in you.

When you found yourself in that place of vulnerability to the love of your child, your need to believe that you were in control of and responsible for that child's development completely overwhelmed you and brought you out of that space of pure love. We want to assure that you are not now and have never been the one who is in charge of your child's development. Responsibility for that belongs to the child and to the child alone. Your job is to create a safe space of love around your child so that she can do the exploring that needs to be done from within that space. In other words, it is your responsibility to create a "playpen of love" around your child.

We know that the culture around you does not support you in such an endeavor. We understand that. What we want you to know is there are other possibilities and you must help to actualize them on the planet.

Remember that it all starts with a simple seed. And contained within that seed is the complete blueprint of the finished plant. We encourage each of you reading these words to be the creator of your own seed and to draw to you others of like mind so that you can help create this blueprint together. There are others around the planet who are engaged in this sort of blueprint creation right now. It will be up to you to find them and to join with them in their process of creation. Set your mind and your heart to this task. Be diligent in your search for the others. You will find them.

Do not be misled by any idea that those of you in the United States will necessarily be the ones to create the best method of doing this. It is time to reach beyond your own borders and to link with those for whom the birth of a child into the family is still or has again become a miracle. It is a miracle to be appreciated no less than the miracles of Jesus.

We know that we speak cryptically to you. We cannot tell you how to do what we are suggesting. That is your job, not ours. We just want you to be aware that there are other ways to raise your children. We want you to know that you and your children and their children have a great contribution to make to this planet by ardently searching for this new child rearing methodology. Do not look to those who now believe they know how to do this from within your academic settings. They do NOT know. Do not look to your churches for they do not know either. Do not look to the familial units from which you have come. They do not know how to do this thing. It will be up to you and to the others who believe that there can be a new way of bringing children along in the world to create this for yourselves and for your children and their children.

You will be amazed at the creative energy inherent within those little hearts and minds and souls if only you will let it emerge in its own way and its own time. Stop trying to force each individual to develop along the same lines and at the same pace. Your children were never meant to do that. From the beginning your children have been meant to develop along their own path and in their own time and somewhere along the way, this basic and fundamental tenet of becoming human has become lost. It is not important how that happened. It is only important that you and others begin to realize this and to take seriously our mandate to you to begin the quest for another better way of raising your children. We will help you find this way. but you must ask us. And you must listen to us. And you must listen to each other. And you must communicate with others of like mind on this subject. Not that you all need to think alike - not at all. You must just be convinced that is another way to raise your children - a way which does not remove them from their space of love.

We are here for you. We will support you in this new development which is, in fact, a return to a very old way of raising your children - one that is so old that is not written down anywhere for you to find. So you will have to reinvent it. We encourage you to make it so for the sake of your babies and their babies. Our blessings are with you. And so it is.

May you create much light in your life during the coming month.

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