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Awakening the Spirit, Issue #035 -- The Revolution
February 17, 2011

The Revolution is Upon Us

Dear Beings of Light,

This is a special edition of "Awakening the Spirit" ezine. Ananda speaks of the revolution in progress all around the globe - including within the United States. It has begun. You must be aware of it and of how to do your part to help it succeed.

As you can clearly see, dear one, the revolution is the United States of America has started. It is not taking the shape or form that those who have been attempting to bring it about thought it would take. The tea party people in the US thought they would be the ones to bring about the revolution. Look in your city of Madison, WI and you will see the true beginning of your revolution.

Your revolutions - there will be many - in the US are equivalent to those happening in the Middle East. They are happening on a different level only because the standard of living is so much higher in the US than it is in the Middle East. The revolutions, however, are the same. Effectively people are saying to their governments - you MUST be nicer to us. You MUST remove your support from the corporate and other monolithic organizations and return your concern to your people.

You have heard us and others speak many times of coming earth changes. Most of you thought we were talking about volcanoes and earthquakes and the like. And we were. But that is not all we were talking about. We were talking about what you are now seeing. We were talking about the fall of governments and corporations. We were talking about people - individuals in groups - not just asking for their human rights but literally taking them back. These are the earth changes you are now seeing and will continue to see.

You in the US do not see your own revolution yet. You are too enmeshed within it and it hasn't yet become violent enough to poke itself into your consciousness. But, we say to you, pay attention. We do not mean that you should pay attention to your public and generally accepted news media. They say what they are told to say. They are, in effect, run by puppeteers who pull their strings and make them sing and dance to the appropriate tunes.

You must listen to and read the media outlets which are spurned and derided by the major forms of your media for it is from these media outsiders that you will find the truth of what is happening. Please be assured. We are not trying to frighten you. We are trying to wake you up now before it is too late for the majority of you. Some of you can see what is happening. Most of you cannot.

Those of you who cannot see the incipient revolution in your country and the more than incipient revolutions in other countries will be simply left behind as the planet continues her evolution. If you have plans to evolve with the planet, WAKE UP NOW!

The people who you just elected so proudly to your congress and to your governor's houses will blatantly try to take you down. They are not on your side. They are on the side of the status quo. They are on the side of the large corporations who want to take all your money for themselves. They are one the side of the bankers who want to suck you dry. They are on the side of the churches who want to take control of your own soul from you.

Your world has become so complicated that no one single individual can see where you are going. There are so many trees in your forest that no one can manage to find a way through it. You have too many rules. You have too much greed. You have too many people in places of governance who are not qualified to be where they are. They are too greedy. They do not care a whit about your welfare. They care only about their own welfare.

We do not tell you what you do not already know. But we do tell you that all this is an indicator, a harbinger, of the end of your society as you know it. And we view this as a very good thing.

There are some rough times ahead for those of you who do not take a good look at the rapacious and voracious and evil people who are trying to run your country into the ground. And we are not speaking of your president. This is a man who has taken on a burden so great that only a soul of the highest level of development would be able to handle it. We are apolitical. We are not racially biased. We do not care whether or not he smokes. We do not care whether or not he plays basketball or baseball. We look only at his soul. And we tell you his soul is pure. His humanity has had to bow to the pressues of the office of the presidenct - pressures he did not even know existed before he spent those first few hours behind closed doors with the ones who truly run your country and other countries.

He has astounded when he left that room. He began to see the limitations of his office. But at a soul level, he vowed to do as much as he could while at the same time remaining alive and in the office of the president. Pray for this man now. Pray for him with every breath you take. He needs your prayers more than any previous president of your country. It is only with him in the president's office thay your country has any chance at all for riding out the coming revolution. What some people view in him as a tendency to vacillate in his positions is actually a wise decision to take a stance which will allow him to keep moving forward even if it is not as fast as some would like. Pray for him. Pray for him.

Hold him in your heart within a double-pyramid shaped container of white light. See him there as often as you can. See all of your rulers in such a container. For it is only from within the white light that they can govern wisely. They need this right now. You need this right now. Take the time to do it. It is of the utmost importance for your survival as a country and for the survival of your species on this planet.

Whatever is important to you, hold it whithin this container of the white light. We are with you. We are on your side. There are others who are not on your side but even they cannot survive the white light. Use the tool we gave you in the previous communication to build this light energy up within yourself and then send it to the others. It is the best way to smooth out the transition your planet is making. She WILL make the transition. We are asking you to help it go more easily by creating so much more light than there has ever been seen on her before this time.

We will help you. Just ask us. We will help you create and uplevel your own energy so you can uplevel the energy of those who govern your countries and your states. You are now at the tipping point. Tip the planet to the side of the light with your actions.

We hope we have engendered within you a true sense of urgency and that you will act on what we have just given to you.

May you create much light in your life during the coming month.

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Until next month – be the peace you want to see in the world.

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