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Awakening the Spirit, Issue #010 -- Heal yourself - heal the planet
January 15, 2009

Heal yourself - heal the planet

Dear Beings of Light,

When I sit down to write for you, I always wonder what I will say that will have any meaning for you. Then I take a look into my own life at the issues I am working with myself. Inevitably I will find something that seems like it needs a voice. And that is what I ask my teachers to help me write about. This month, the subject is “how the individual can change the current world situation”. And here is what my own spirit teachers have to say on the subject.

Good morning, Beloveds. As we look over your lives from our own perspective, we see that you have been through much suffering in recent times. Truly however, suffering is optional on your planet. The root cause of suffering is your resistance to what is truly good in your life and times. From the time you are born, you begin to internalize the restrictions imposed on you by your physical environment. Your parents restrict you. Your brothers and sisters restrict you. Your friends and neighbors restrict you. And you take in and begin to own all those restrictions for yourself. This is a process that has gone on from time immemorial on your planet. And at the place where restrictions have become the most internalized, you carry your deepest wounds. It is at these places in your bodies where the cancers begin to make their appearance. These cancers are the most purely physical forms of the externally imposed restrictions. You enter your earthly life as a beautiful innocent babe and, for some of you, in your resistance to who you truly are, you end up developing these cancers which completely cut off the good in that part of your being.

Now please do not think we are blaming you for choosing such a path. The word cancer has many more emotional overtones in your world than it does in ours. We know that these cancers are simply the physical manifestations of your lost connection to the all that is. And we know that you have the capacity to heal them as you reconnect to the all that is.

We want to tell you that these cancers manifest in your larger physical world just as they do in your own individual body. There are many small ones in your world today as you can see if you interest yourself in the many conflicts that are happening all over your planet.

However, there is one very large one that your entire world is greatly concerned about. It is the one in your so-called Middle East – the one between those known as the Israelites and those known as the Palestinians. Here we have an example of a very ancient civilization – truly one civilization – at war with itself. This internal war has now become so deeply entrenched in the emotions and minds of the peoples involved that they feel it is real. They truly feel that they are separated each from the other.

But, in our reality, there is no separation between them. As we observe this situation, we would say to you that this is the “root cancer” on your planet. The situation being played out in that part of your world is the grandest example of the separation of the self from the self. And we want you to know that this condition of separation is now a worldwide phenomenon. You see it everyday in reports of the “war on terror.” Though it only manifests itself so violently in that one particular area of your planet it is deeply held within each one of you as individual beings. There is no external resolution to this conflict. It surely must be obvious to you from the many attempts at resolution that have happened in your lifetime that nothing and no one from outside this conflict will ever make any changes to it. The resolution must come from within the partners involved in the conflict.

As more and more of you begin to recognize your own internal conflicts and start to heal them, your healed body, emotions and mind will greatly affect the consciousness which infuses your entire planet. As the consciousness of your planet is healed, then the healing will extend into this most pernicious of planetary wounds. If you wish, you may direct your healing energy to this part of the planet. But we will ask you to do it without a sense of what should happen in that area for, truly, you do not know what the rightful outcome of that situation is. The clearer your own energy is as you direct it to the planetary area in question, the easier it will be for the energetic forces in that area to do their work.

Go there energetically without an agenda. Go there energetically with only an open heart filled with love for the planet and with only the highest good of the planet in mind. Please, we beg of you. No agendas. For you do not know what is right and what is wrong. But you do know what is disturbing. And what is disturbing is the conflict itself. So go there with the thought and the feeling that the conflict will be resolved in the manner which is for the highest good of the planet. That must be your only intention – for the highest good of the planet.

The warrior spirit infuses this area of your planet perhaps more strongly than anywhere else. The warrior spirit exists on many levels. Some of those levels are healthy and some are not. Right now, the unhealthy aspect of the warrior spirit is driving this part of the world. Heal the warrior within yourself and as you do that, the warrior spirit on the planet will be automatically raised to a higher level. Allow the warrior spirit within yourself to be recognized. Do not hide it. Do not denigrate it. Do not ignore it. Work with it to help it become a warrior of the heart. For when the warrior of the heart lifts its flag of righteousness then righteousness will be increased in all warriors all over the planet. And when all warriors are warriors of the heart, the battle of self against self comes to an end.

May you create much light in your life during the coming month.

Well, I hope this will take you through the next month. It would be great to know if this newsletter has been of benefit to you. Let us know by going to

Until next month – be the peace you want to see in the world.

Meg Colby

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