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Awakening the Spirit, Issue #002 -- a world of possibilities
May 15, 2008

A World of Possibilities

Dear Beings of Light,

Please understand that this world is a world of possibilities. You chose to embody this time around - and every other time for that matter - to experience some of those possibilities.

Because of the flow of energy on the planet for millions upon millions of years, some of your possibilities have become more entrenched in your consciousness as the “right” possibilities while others do not enjoy any such prestigious designation.

Very often, when someone steps outside existence as it is defined by the “right” possibilities, the world around them will judge them as being strange or weird. However, since you have done that very thing, you know very well that you are not weird. You know that your choice of how to experience your life is the very best choice you could be making at this moment. And, if you don’t believe that, then you must make some changes in your life and you must make them quickly. The changes must be made quickly because the flow of time within which you exist is speeding up rather suddenly and any changes you want to make must be made in accordance with that speeded up flow.

Just as you have made some choices in your life that others around you might consider to be strange, I’ll bet that there are others on the planet who’ve made choices that you might consider strange. What about the choice of someone to be whirled away from their home in a cyclone. We’ve just seen how huge numbers of people in Myanmar have made that choice. What about people who were crushed to death in earthquakes in Peru? Do you think that perhaps this was not their choice? Do you think perhaps that in stating that it was their choice that I am lacking in compassion? Do you suppose that perhaps others in your life might think such thoughts about your life choices?

It is so easy to accept our own lives as the product of the choices we have made and to believe that what happens to others was not their own choice. How can you open your mind and heart to the acceptance of every individual’s choice as being perfectly acceptable in the eyes of Divine Source? Divine Source has provided for each of us a full palette of colors with which to paint our own lives. The final picture of our lives is of our own choosing, our own creating, not that of anyone else.

One of the greatest challenges we face as human beings is to realize that the only being over whom we have any control is ourselves – and some do not even have that control or believe they don’t. We watch the horrors of the world on our TV sets and read about them in our newspapers and on our websites and our hearts open in compassion for those who are affected by horrible things or our hearts close to them because we cannot do anything about them.

And whichever choice we make brings us a lesson – either a lesson of compassion or a lesson of detachment. Both lessons are valid. What really matters is how we feel in our own being when we become aware of these disasters.

We do what we can to help and then we move on.

Or we completely ignore what is happening as we move on.

Or we wallow in what we believe is compassion and stay stuck there.

Spirit applauds any one of those choices. They are all correct. Our only mission on this planet is to return to source with the lessons we set out to learn. And the very same thing applies to every other being on the planet.

Our major concern is not meant to be for them – the “victims” of disasters or poverty or warfare. It is meant to be for ourselves. It is meant to be the enlivening and enlightening of our own soul. Not the saving of another’s soul. Each time we complete an action which enlivens our own soul, we make the path more available to those who come behind us. Each time we choose the path of peace when we could just as easily have chosen the path of anger or hatred, we make the path of peace more available to those who come behind us. And though our actions do have the effect of making the path of peace more available, that is not our main concern. It is simply the fallout from our own actions which are meant to enlighten our own soul. The more light we let flow through our own being, the greater the possibility of light flow we create for others.

May you create much light in your life during the coming month.

Well, I hope this will take you through the next month. It would be great to know if this newsletter has been of benefit to you. Let us know by going to

Until next month – be the peace you want to see in the world.

Meg Colby


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