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Awakening the Spirit, Issue #030 -- Relationship
October 15, 2010


Dear Beings of Light,

When I sit down to write for you, I always wonder what I will say that will have any meaning for you. Then I take a look into my own life at the issues I am working with myself. Inevitably I will find something that seems like it needs a voice. And that is what I ask my teachers to help me write about. This month, the subject is "Relationship". And here is what my own spirit teachers have to say on the subject.

Good morning dearest one,

We have heard your request. Yes, indeed, relationship is one of the hardest human activities to participate in. We know that and it's one of the reasons we so admire you for your efforts. Those of you who are in relationship know exactly what we mean. It is through relationship - and by that, we mean intimate personal relationship - that your learning grows by leaps and bounds. Although, we will say that all relationships have the capacity to bring about growth for you.

When two or more humans come together for any purpose, it is up to you to, shall we say, fit yourselves together in a becoming fashion. It is up to you to intertwine your energetic patterns in a way that is harmonious for all involved. When that does not happen, one or more of those in the relationship will suffer from it.

Ultimately, it is all about expansion of each individual's energy pattern to accommodate the distressful patterns in the other's energy field. You will notice that we said "distressful patterns". We do not mean to imply that there is anything wrong in the energy patterns of the other person. We mean simply to say the the patterns in the energy field of the other person are distressful to you. For whatever reason, you are not able to easily accommodate those patterns in your own field of relationship.

As with any kind of distress in any kind of relationship, there is always an element in you that is holding tight to your own way of being instead of simply opening to accommodate the other's way of being. Now, we are not talking about truly harmful aspects of energy patterns such as murder, abuse and alcoholism. We believe that you have advanced to the point in your spiritual development to recognize the difference between those patterns and the ones we are talking about.

We are talking about the little patterns which crop up daily in any relationship. When you find yourself poked by one of these little energetic needles, please stop, look and listen. What was there in you that this little needle poked?

Really look at yourself.

Were you holding on to a way of being that is no longer useful? Were you simply wanting to have your own way? Were you being stubborn? What was it in YOU that felt pricked?

When you figure that out, then you can work to release it.

There are many methods of clearing things like this out of your energy field. It is these little things which can literally stop your process of Ascension. The mechanism goes something like this. You are a very highly advanced being. Your energy field is quite clear of all the big, nasty patterns which inhabit the energy fields of others who have not done the work you have done. Within that mostly clear and clean energy field, there is a lot of room for the little tiny pin-prick sized patterns to expand way beyond their true size. As you allow them to expand, they can then begin to take hold of you and grow into something quite large. They can, again, become embedded within your energy field and can pull you down from a highly developed state into a state of distress and internal commotion. And now you have been pulled out of the pattern of Ascension.

So what we are saying to you is that even if these things which happen in the day to day course of your relationships seem small, they are not. They are, potentially, the seeds of something much larger and something which you do not want to begin to nurture. The clearer and cleaner your energy field is, the more these things will become apparent. Catch them at their first appearance. Work with them. Clear the pattern within you which has the potential to bloom into something you do not want.

If you are not a part of a one to one relationship, just know that any kind of relationship can suffice to bring about these little energy mismatches we are talking about. When you go to the grocery store and the person taking your money is a little huffy, notice where you feel it and work with that. When the ticket taker at the movies snubs you, what does that mean to you? When your neighbor doesn't speak to you, why do you feel bad?

There are potentially hundreds of interactions in a week which could provide you with opportunities to work with your own energy patterns. Please, we ask you, take advantage of them. Did someone cut you of on the freeway? Did you get mad? Work with it. Don't allow these little tiny things to interfere with your pathway to Ascension.

We want you here with us. And we want you sooner rather than later. Of course, sooner or later, everyone will ascend. It is just the nature of life. But you've worked hard to get where you are now. We ask that you continue working hard. We want to walk hand in hand with you through the veil and bring you home to us. We want to show you our faces in person. We know you wonder what we actually would look like to you if you could see us with your human eyes. We want to show you. But you must come to us for that to happen. We are waiting. We are here with open arms. Please join us. We love you and are anxiously awaiting your arrival. And so it is.

May you create much light in your life during the coming month.

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Until next month – be the peace you want to see in the world.

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