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Awakening the Spirit, Issue #018 -- Right Use of Energy
September 15, 2009

Right Use of Energy

Dear Beings of Light,

When I sit down to write for you, I always wonder what I will say that will have any meaning for you. Then I take a look into my own life at the issues I am working with myself. Inevitably I will find something that seems like it needs a voice. And that is what I ask my teachers to help me write about. This month, the subject is “Right Use of Energy”. And here is what my own spirit teachers have to say on the subject.

Greetings dear one. We have heard your request. And indeed...

Your bodies are magical entities. They have all the knowledge you need now and forever to create a perfect life for you. Your bodies know how not to be ill. They know how to be in perfect wellness at all times. Let us say that the individual cells of your bodies know that. When those cells come together to form YOU, the message sometimes gets lost in the translation of it. As you have incarnated many, many times in your history, you have drawn to you the little imperfections that are found in your life. One by one those imperfections over the years and centuries of your incarnations have coagulated to create a less than perfect body - the blueprint of which is carried forward from lifetime to lifetime. We know this is a bit much for most of you to grasp. However, we ask that you continue to read for we have much more to tell you.

These same imperfections which you believe you see in your physical bodies are also present in your mental and emotional bodies. It is as if each imperfection exists equally along the spectrum of density; i.e., first in the mental, then in the emotional and finally in the physical. If that is the case, how can these imperfections be restored to their intrinsic glory? How can your body, emotions and intellect all return to the perfection which is perfectly permeable to source energy?

Well, dear ones, that is why you are here on this planet. Your job is to figure this out. Actually, your first job is to recognize your situation as one of being in this condition. Then your next job is to remember what your perfection feels like. Then your next step is to realize that you have it within your power to return what you consider to be an imperfect being to that state of perfection. And, finally, you must actually accomplish it.

What a lot there is for you to do!

If you will read back through the messages you have had from your greatest teachers throughout the centuries, you will see that they are all the same. Oh, there are some minor differences in translation from one language to another. But, in essence, the message has always been the same and will always continue to be the same. You human, you have the ability to return your body, emotions and intellect to the perfect condition of source energy.

But "how" you continue to ask. How do I do that?

Have you noticed how many more methods of healing are appearing on your planet today than existed in years before? Have you noticed how much more subtle even your most invasive medical procedures have become in the past few years? Well, these things are happening for a reason. They are happening because they are the means, at least on the physical level, for you to return to your alignment with source energy.

As you heal your body, your emotions and your thoughts will heal themselves also. And vice versa. Heal your thoughts and your emotions and bodies will heal themselves. It is all connected. Every piece of you is connected to every other piece of you.

And as you heal, you will notice that the methods you choose to heal yourself with grow ever more subtle. When your imperfections are in the grossest parts of your being, the methods of healing yourself must address those areas. As you become more and more like unto source energy, it takes much less effort on your part to move another step closer to that source.

So we encourage you to listen to yourself. If you have been doing the same things for years because those things make you feel good - or at least they did when you started doing them - notice if your body wants to do something more gentle and refined. Notice if your emotions carry less and less power to trouble you and notice especially if your thoughts are becoming more and more gentle on your emotions. All these things are signs of your approach to a reunion with source energy. Allow them to happen. For example, if you used to want to run marathons and now you would prefer to do qi gong or yoga or tai chi, then do those things. Your body is now needing gentler forms of attention since it is in a more highly refined condition of being. The same with your emotions. Perhaps wild parties used to please you but now you would prefer a simple walk in your neighborhood. Then take that action instead of going to the party. Your being is telling your something. If your emotions used to be those of anger and hatred but now you find yourself more in a state of compassion than not, accept that. You are moving closer and closer to source. Allow source to infuse you with its own energy. Allow the energy of source to light you up. Others will begin to notice and it will help them greatly to see this in you. We hope this has been sufficient for you. We encourage the development of your spiritual bodies and we applaud all of you who see it happening for yourself and recognize it for what it is. Many blessings.

May you create much light in your life during the coming month.

Well, I hope this will take you through the next month. It would be great to know if this information has been of benefit to you. Let us know by clicking here.

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Until next month – be the peace you want to see in the world.

Meg Colby

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