What is Zilis Hemp Oil? 

I suspect that you are well aware of the value of CBDs in hemp oil. Maybe you’re even buying or selling or using some of it.  The downside of the hemp oils on the market today is the fact that they are oils. Your body is about 60% water - more or less. And guess what?! Oil and water do not mix.  hemp oil zilis

When you take any of the common hemp oil products, your body absorbs about 6% of the CBDs in the oil. And those oils are not cheap. So let me share some information with you about a new generation of hemp oil and why it’s better than anything you may already have come across. 

Now for UltraCell

The product I’m talking about is called UltraCell. It is produced from organically grown industrial hemp sourced in the United States and contains no detectable THC. It has been manufactured in such a way as to surround each molecule of the oil with water so that your body is able to absorb it. It is taken under the tongue so that it bypasses the digestive system and goes right into the bloodstream where between 85% and 96% of the CBDs become available to the body. That’s more than 10 times what you can absorb from other hemp oil products. Learn all you can about CBDs!

Other Phyto-Cannabinoids

In addition to industrial hemp, there many other plants which contain cannabinoids. Remember that phyto = plant. So UltraCell has a number of phyto-partners which you will also find very useful. There is UltraIce which can have noticeable effects on the inflammation in your body. There is UltraEdge which can sharpen up your memory and UltraDream which has been known to greatly enhance sleep and dream time. 

Click here to dive into the world of hemp oil. Learn all you can, get your very own 7-day supply of UltraCell hemp oil and feel your life change overnight. See you on the other side.

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