You, dear visitor, are the main focus here at A Quantum Path.
Your Wellness. Your Prosperity. Your Spirituality.

Here at A Quantum Path you'll find teachings on many subjects related to your wellness, prosperity, spirituality - subjects you may not have paid much attention to before. Each of these subjects could be a lifetime's worth of study and practice all by itself. Here you will get just a taste of what's available. And you can go deeper into the subjects which attract you when you're ready.

So open your heart. Open your mind. And dig into A Quantum Path with the gusto you usually reserve for your favorite food. It'll be time well-spent. If nothing else, you'll learn a whole lot about subjects you had no idea were related to you or to each other or to your wellness, prosperity and spirituality on the quantum path.

Your Wellness

A Quantum Path to Wellness

Oh, golly. The stress is growing. You can feel it. Here you are trying to get a handle on the wellness in your life and already it's not working. Maybe a nice relaxing hatha yoga class would make it all go away. Or some ashtanga yoga. What?! Or some karma yoga or some kriya yoga or some restorative yoga.

Maybe if you just got a massage you'd feel better about all this. But what kind of massage? Reflexology? (That's a foot massage.) Nope, not enough. Ok, how about a chair massage? (That means you sit in a funny chair and someone massages your neck and back.) That could feel pretty good. Or you could just go full out and get a whole body massage. Gotta get naked for that one. Could be embarrassing. Maybe not.

Or how about a little craniosacral work? What the heck is that? Or how about some other kind of body work? Maybe a colonic would help to clear things up some? Or loosen 'em up anyway! No? Ok then, some iridology. That's eye reading. You know what they say - the eyes are the mirror of the soul. If you want to see who you are, it might help to get that mirror cleaned off a bit.

And after that, maybe a liver cleanse - get rid of all those toxins you've managed to stockpile during your life; you know, the ones causing your eyes to be discolored. Didn't your iridologist tell you about that? How about some ayurveda - ummm, say, a week's worth of pancha karma treatment? Never heard of it? Well then, maybe some Chinese herbs and acupuncture to open your channels. Channels? Yes, channels, you know, meridians. Oh boy!

Ever check out chiropractic? There's a lot more here than snaps and cracks and pops. There's Network and N.S.A. and N.E.T and...

Well, you get the idea. Wellness is a BIG thing. And there are lots of trails you could follow when you start down A Quantum Path. Check out a few of them here and pick your favorite.

Your Prosperity

A Quantum Path to Prosperith

Ok. So now that you're all well, let's handle your Prosperity. Living a prosperous and abundant life is your birthright. Claim it. Open yourself to anything and everything that will bring true prosperity into your life. And remember that prosperity means more than simply having all the money you need and want - although that's important too.

Prosperity comes in many forms. It comes in the form of the love you receive in your life. And that is, of course, directly related to the amount of love you give. So to get love, give love. And your prosperity will increase. It also comes in the form of the joy you feel. As you open to divine source, your level of joy will increase beyond measure. And as your level of joy increases, your prosperity will increase along with it.

And remember that prosperity can only find its way into a prosperous person. So even if your life looks like it might not be prosperous by someone else's standards, find a way to recognize the prosperity in it for yourself. And as you open your heart to the feelings of joy that this recognition of your own prosperity will bring you, your prosperity will increase beyond what ever thought could happen. At A Quantum Path, that is what we believe. I hope you will join us in that.

Your Spirituality

A Quantum Path to Spirituality

Can you imagine what the world would be like if each of us could see where we were going on A Quantum Path? Can you imagine Christianity and Islam actually seeing their similarities instead of their differences? Can you imagine Judaism and Buddhism and Christianity and the New Age respecting and supporting one another?

Can you imagine religion and spirituality becoming one and the same thing?

Can you imagine science and spirituality recognizing each other as simply sides of the same coin?

Can you imagine that we could develop a more keen appreciation of the connection between spirituality and wellness? Or between spirituality and prosperity?

Can you imagine seeing life as more of a quantum path? Do you feel like you're getting all the information you need to choose where you want to go on your own quantum path? Do you even feel like you have a choice in the matter? Do you know where to go or who to ask when you're faced with a spiritual dilemma? Are you ready to set out on your own spiritual journey but don't know where to begin?

Has organized religion failed you? Has atheism failed you? Has agnosticism failed you? Do you sometimes feel like you need the help of all the angels and archangels in heaven but don't know how to call on them? Do you sometimes feel that the spiritual path you were introduced to as a child is just not the spiritual path that's right for you now? What if Buddhism is the right path for you rather than the Judaism of your parents? What if one of the many forms of Christianity would speak to you now when it didn't used to?

Is there a sense of urgency in your life pushing you to find your path NOW? How will you recognize a spiritual path which looks and feels different from what you've always thought your spiritual path should look like? And how do you want to get started on the spiritual path?

Maybe you want to start by studying astrology. You could find out if Mercury was retrograde when you were born or if you have a grand trine in earth. Don't have a clue what that means? Well then, how about numerology or the enneagram? Maybe they're easier.

Maybe you should get involved in some kind of alternative healing. What about crystals? Would they tell you anything? Or how about some hands on healing like Jesus did? Do you think you could learn anything from looking at your chakras? Are your chakras dull and dirty or clean and bright? How can you tell? And what difference does it make anyway?

And what about your karma? Is it good karma or bad karma? Or maybe just mediocre karma? Who knows? I mean, how would you know what kind of karma you have? How can you tell?

Ah, you say. Maybe I can find out by doing some meditation! But how do you meditate? And you've heard there's more than one kind. How do you know which one is right for you? How do you even know what kinds of meditation there are? You've probably heard of transcendental meditation. But have you heard of vipassana? Or zen?

Conclusion (or is it just the beginning?)

I'll bet you're getting the idea by now. Are you thinking that there is an awful lot of stuff to learn about when you start off to find your true spiritual path - even stuff that, at first, doesn't even look very spiritual to you?

Well, here's the thing. When you go in search of your true spiritual connection, you begin to look at life from a different perspective. You start to look from the perspective of A Quantum Path. Many things start to come into play in a way they've never done before. Your spirit, your body, your mind, your heart. And there are so many ways to approach each of them. How do you know which one is right for you?

These are exciting times we live in. All the world is changing rapidly around us and we need some tools to help us change ourselves along with it. Here we provide you the opportunity for you to get those tools for yourself. Come join us as we take you on a journey down A Quantum Path.

May you have many blessings,

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