Good morning beloveds,

Abundance. We have anxiously awaited the opportunity to speak to you on this subject. We know just how devastated many of you are right now with the events that are occurring all around you. We know that these events are especially distressing coming, as they do, at the time of year when you are usually motivated to give gifts. And what we would say to you is that you must not let what is happening all around you affect your own belief that all is well within you. 

Yes, indeed. You may have a little less money in your pocket today than you had last month. But money is not the thing that will bring you happiness. You can still be happy in the face of all that is happening around you. But many of you are feeling only fear. You are afraid that more bad things will happen. You are afraid that the bad things that have already happened will drag you down. You worry that everything is disintegrating around you. You worry that your family will be hurt by circumstances. You worry that your country will lose face in the world because of what is happening. You worry that those who have so little will now have less than they had before. You worry!!! 

And we say to you, it is this condition of worrying that will draw to you the very things you are worried about. 

There are many among you who are not worried about the current situation. They recognize that this situation is simply the next logical thing that needed to happen in the process of life. They understand that the energy of life is made up of vibrations which move both up and down. When the aspect of the vibration is moving down, which it is now, the only thing that can possibly happen next is that it moves up again.

What we would say to you is that the very best thing you can do for yourself right now is to use the momentum of this downward motion to prepare yourself for the coming upward motion. For when it comes, it will be exhilarating for you. But you must be ready to ride with it. We can compare what has just happened to your economy to what happened to your Berlin Wall two decades ago. That wall came tumbling down with a speed that astonished all who were paying attention to the process. And out of the tumbling down of that wall arose so much new freedom in your world as to be astonishing when you think about it. 

Well, your financial wall has just tumbled. And it did so with the same unbelievable speed. So be prepared for the new freedom to come in your own financial world. But you must be prepared to accept it. You must be open to the possibility of it happening for you. Otherwise, it will not. 

Prepare yourself for receiving the abundance that is yours to claim

So now is the time to go deep inside yourself to look for those things which might block your own personal financial abundance. Root them out. Release them. Prepare yourself for receiving the abundance that is yours to claim and the abundance that is more available to you now that it ever was before. 

Your financial institutions are no longer blocking your access to abundance.

Please remember that your financial institutions respond to the energy patterns around them. Your energy patterns around your own abundance have been changing for a number of years. And those patterns finally got to the point where they no longer supported the institutions that purported to speak for you. When your own energy no longer supported these institutions at a large enough level, the institutions themselves could no longer exist. They collapsed. That is what you see happening around you right now.  

And we congratulate you for your accomplishments in this arena. Enough of you have come to realize that there is abundance available to you which has nothing to do with your institutions. You have called upon that abundance. You have opened yourselves to that abundance. You have allowed that abundance to manifest itself through you. So now is the time to rely upon what you have created for yourself. Know that you do not need those institutions to support you any longer. Know that your support comes from the non-physical source of abundance that you are now aware of. Know that you can be in charge of your own abundance. You do not need anyone from the outside to support you. You can do it for yourself. Just do it. 

Why do you suppose that the “law of attraction” has gained so much support among the leading edge creators in your world? There is a deep inner knowing among a large number of people that this law of attraction actually works and that you can use it to draw to you what you need and want. Look at those around you who are doing so now. You can do it also if you choose to. 

Please understand that we do not mean to minimize the devastation that is happening on your planet right now. We understand that those who have not yet begun to realize the teachings of the law of attraction will be hurting for many months and years to come. And our greatest desire for them is they become aware of the law of attraction and begin to activate it in their lives. 

But for those of you who already know that the law of attraction really works, your future will be full of what some might call miracles. Be open to them. Receive them when they appear in your life. Teach others about them. Let others see how your embodiment of this law has affected you. And, above all, be sure to share your wealth with those around you. Share it from a place of joy knowing that the more you give to others from that place of the joy of giving, the more you will have to continue your path of giving. May you all be blessed.

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