Muscle Testing Made Simple

Muscle testing is an extremely simple way to find out the truth of something. It's like dowsing in that respect. Self muscle testing is a technique similar to that of applied kinesiology, a technique that can be used to gain insight into one's own or someone else's body/mind healing process. Since the body has access to information about itself via the quantum field and since I or you as the tester have access to that same information - especially when acting as a proxy for the person being tested - I or you as the tester also have access to information about the subject's body/mind. That is why muscle testing is so effective in my work.

I am at a distance from my client. Via the use of intention, I am acting as a proxy for my client. By virtue of having connected energetically to my client as a proxy, I can muscle test my client by muscle testing myself. Isn't the quantum field a magical place!

Methods of Muscle Testing

Many people think of muscle testing as that thing people do by pushing down someone else's arm to find out if a substance is good for them or some other such thing. Indeed, that is one way of doing it. There are several downsides to that method. The first is that the tester and the subject have to be in each other's presence. Secondly, one person pushing on another's arm to determine strength can set up a bit of competition to see who's strongest - especially for guys. Sorry guys but you know how competitive you are. Thirdly, it takes quite of bit of practice to get the technique working smoothly.

Another method is the sway method. You, the tester, stand straight with your feet fairly close together. You ask a question or make a statement and your body responds to it by swaying forward or backward. You and your body will already have set an intention as to the meaning of the sway. For example, swaying forward might mean true or yes while swaying backward might mean false or no. The downside to this method is that you must be standing. If, as the tester, you're working seated at a desk that's a problem for you.

Then there's the pendulum method which I love. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me when I'm doing my clearings. It's just too slow for my comfort. Learning to use a pendulum can be a problem for some people. It seems complicated though it's not. Some people get caught up in the appearance of their pendulum. I first learned to use a pendulum by using a carpentry nut tied to a string. It worked perfectly well. Now I have multiple pendulums all of which are beautiful so, as you can see, I am one of those people. There are many, many books and articles on the use of pendulums for dowsing and muscle testing. I invite you to investigate them if you want to learn more about it.

So now we move to one more method of muscle testing. This one is my favorite and it's the one I use. It's called the ring method. You make a ring out of two of your fingers on the same hand - probably your dominant hand - and pull against the opening of the ring with fingers on the other hand. If the ring opens that is usually called weak or false or no. If the ring stays closed that would be strong or true or yes. I find this the easiest to use as I can be seated, keep a pen in my hand at the same time I'm testing so that I can note my findings.

There are other methods of muscle testing than the ones I've noted here. I invite you to investigate them if you're interested and see which one works best for you.

Meg Colby

Emotion Code Certified Practitioner

Usui Reiki Master

Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner

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