Acts of God

A reader asked me this: ... should one also take into account those "acts of God" for which one is not held responsible in "creating?" Floods, fire, illness which one does not incur upon one's self? Indeed what of the innocent, like the death of babies and children... See More? What of vehicular accidents which again the victim cannot be held accountable like that of a drunk driver hitting you or a family member? What of those horribly abused, emotionally, sexually and physically as children?! Can one truthfully say that life did not come AT these individuals?

Dear ones, you have indeed hit upon one of the hardest issues for humans to handle. There are indeed those things which look like they are out of your control. How could you have invited that drunk driver to hit you and maim you for life? How could have possibly invited that explosion of oil to endanger your beautiful Gulf shore? Indeed, how could have possibly invited any of the horrific things which you see in the world around you today? On the other hand, how could you have invited that glorious sunset which you witnessed last evening? How could have possibly invited the the beauty of Beethoven's 9th Symphony into your world? How could have invited the birth of a child into your life? 

Life simply is. Each one of you experiences it at the level at which you need to. If you truly believe that you have come into this planet to learn the lessons the planet has to bring you, how could you not accept whatever comes your way. When the hard things come, there is growth in them for you. When you see that a child has been abused, how do you handle it within yourself. Do you hate the abuser? Or do you recognize that the abuser is in such personal pain that he does not know what else to do? Does it ever occur to you that the one who is abused has asked for the lesson from the situation? Does it occur to you that you have called forth the lesson from the incident in order to promote your own growth and enlightenment?

Your viewpoint as a human being is generally fairly close to the one to be had at the bottom of the mountain. In other words, you can't truly see the big picture. But if you could, what would you see? You would see both the abuser and the abused as characters in the same play and you would recognize that each one of them chose the part they would play. If you could see the drunken driver and the person that driver hit and put into a wheelchair for the rest of her life, what would you see? Would you see the tremendous pain caused by the incident or would you see the incredible joy which will eventually come from the lessons learned from the incident? When you see the oil slick floating on the beautiful blue water, would you see its immediate ugliness or would you see the value gained from the interaction between your Mother Earth and her children? Which would you see? 

Your perspective as a human being is not the only perspective there is...

Once again, we say to you that your perspective as a human being is not the only perspective there is. It is not even the most important perspective. But we will say to you that what you see has much more to do with your own self than it does with what has actually happened. We know that is hard to accept. We know that you want to blame something or someone for what you call the bad things around you. 

We know that the emotions you experience can sometimes simply overwhelm you to the point of wanting to actually hurt or kill someone yourself. We know that about you and we love you for making the choice to experience these things anyway. We honor you for your commitment to your own spiritual development and your willingness to put yourself through these things. 

When you find yourself in a place where you are simply overwhelmed with the feelings of hate, anger, inadequacy, fear, despondency, we ask that you simply sit with them. Honor them. Feel them. Most of all feel them. Allow them to change you. Allow them to help you grow. Even when you find yourself in the throes of the most devastating loss a human being can experience, the loss of child, we ask that, once you have felt the initial feelings of hate, grief, anger, rage, and have felt them again and again, then just sit with the pain. Allow it to flow. Do not dam it up. When it is beyond your ability to bear, allow someone to help you. You will come through it but you will not be the same person you were before your tragedy happened. We know this. We love you for making the choice to bear such pain. 

We also know that these words will not be very helpful when you are in the midst of the catastrophic situation. But if you are able to use the situation eventually to create growth for yourself, you have then honored what has happened and in that honoring, you will eventually be able to lay it to rest. 

It is all of life, the joy and the pain, the beauty and the ugliness, the large and the small which make humans who they are. And it is not up to any one of you to judge another's experience as right or wrong, as good or bad, as painful or joyful. It is only for you to evaluate and learn from your own experiences for those are the only ones which truly belong to you. 

We bless you. We love you. We know that you have the hardest job - much harder than ours - for it is your job to grow and change and there is nothing harder than that. That is why we admire you so much when, once again, you choose to incarnate upon your beloved planet earth.

May you grow beyond our capacity to contain you. And so it is.

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