As We Move into 5D

Greetings beloved,

We have heard your request. We have heard you say that you do not have a subject or question for us but that you would simply like for us to say to the readers what they desperately need to hear. 

Beloved readers, we and you have come to the time when further words are pointless. You have heard all the words. You know what you are meant to do. You know what you must do. You know that not doing it will leave you in great distress - in greater distress than you are experiencing now.

The shift is coming. There is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop it. At this point all you can do is to ignore your politicians, ignore your media, ignore your churches and trust only your own heart.

The whirlwinds of planetary insurrection will continue to swirl around you. In fact, they will worsen in the coming months. The image we are presenting the channel right now is one of the whirling of the vortex of water as it goes down the drain. The top of the vortex whirls less quickly and is more open. It would be relatively easy to disrupt the vortex at that point. But as the vortex grows in intensity, it moves faster and faster. It gets smaller and smaller. It gets tighter and tighter, stronger and stronger. At the bottom of the vortex, it cannot be disrupted. Its momentum is too strong. It will continue its movement no matter what you do to it. You, your country, your planet are at the point where the whirling of the vortex cannot be disrupted. One the the ways this movement of the vortex could be interpreted is that it is carrying you right down the drain. That is how many, many people will interpret it. But those of you  reading these words know differently. Your interpretation of the movement of this vortex is that is carrying you right through to a new dimension.

Many people call this process ascension. Many say that you are moving into 5D. Many call it the parting of the ways. It is all of these things and so much, much more.

What will it look like from your perspective?

Let's assume that you have made it through into the next dimension. Let's assume you are now walking the planet in 5D. In some ways, it will not look much different that it does now. There will still be rocks and roads and traffic lights and trees and houses and oceans and volcanoes. But now you will see all of them as the benevolent forces that they are. You will experience them as expressions of their true essence without any of the negative overlays which have been placed upon them in 3D. 

You will walk the planet in a state of wonder asking yourself how, just a few short days ago, you thought and felt so differently than you do now. You will be amazed at your perceptions. Now, you must understand that not all of you will make your jump into 5D at one time. Again, imagine that vortex. Notice how small it is at the very bottom and how large it is at the top. Many will go into the top at the same time. In fact, you are there now. As the energy of the vortex ramps up, you will have to ramp up your energy patterns to stay in tune with the vortex. If you do not, the vortex will simply spit you back out again and take in others who are more ready than you are. 

As you are sucked more deeply into the vortex, you must continually lift your energy fields to higher and higher vibrations. As you do this, you can be sucked more deeply into the vortex. Since there is less room in the more densely swirling areas of the vortex, only those who vibrate the strongest and highest will continue. And as the most intense energy of the vortex pulls you in, it will next spit you out into the new dimension. And, voila, you will have made your transition into 5D.

Now this kind of transition has nothing to do with the kind of transition you normally associate with death. You will not be dead. You will have a living body. You will have an active mind. You will have an open heart. Others who have not yet made their dimensional transition will still be able to see you and sometimes talk to you or interact with you in other ways. But your connection to them will feel very unreal to you. It will feel that way because it WILL be unreal.

We are not sure if we are actually helping you by telling you all this. We hope we are. We certainly intend for our words to be helpful. This sense of unreality will be disconcerting at first. However, over time, which, incidentally, will feel very different to you, you will accommodate yourself to this new energy. What was initially a feeling of tentativeness and disconnection will become more normal for you. You will realize your connectedness with another being or another thing in a different way than you do now. It is difficult for us to explain this to you for the pathways of understanding have not yet awakened within you. In some ways, it will be like a lucid dream. You will feel that you are there and yet not there at the same time. There are some of you who experience small glimpses of this condition right now. This is because you are beginning to bleed through into the 5th dimension already. If this is happening to you, be happy about it. Accept it. Do not fight it. When it happens, simply take a moment to let it integrate into your being. 

The dimensions are not actually separate from one another; nor is one better than another.

They are simply different one from the other. And they interact with each other. For example, let us say that you have yourself begun this process of transition. When it happens, you begin to feel a sense of pride and you feel sorry for those who have not begun to make the transition. Depending on the length and strength of these feelings which are feelings belonging to 3D, you may find yourself being pulled back from the brink of 5D into 3D since your feelings more clearly match the 3D vibration. 

We believe that you may be a little overwhelmed with what we are telling you right now. We want you to read and reread what has been given to you. 

WE feel blessed that YOU are asking to hear these words for we would not be saying them if you were not already anxious to hear them. You are working hard. We bless you and admire you for that. Please continue the work you are doing. We will be available to you for as long as you wish to hear from us. And now, we depart.

This teaching was brought forward by my special group of spirit teachers known as Ananda.

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