Ascension - More of Preparing for What's to Come - again

Greetings Dear Ones,

At the channel's request, we will reiterate previous teachings on the potential for planetary disruption on many levels. If the readers of this message are confused as to what this means, please ask the channel for access to some of our previous teachings. And there are teachings of many others which can enlighten you as to the nature and purpose of the upcoming changes.

However we can give you a brief introduction to what is happening. Your planetary body whom we address as Mother Gaia is in the process of increasing her own personal vibration from a predominantly 3D vibration to a predominantly 5D vibration. As she does this, all who depend on her for their sustenance will have to go with her one way or another. 

For those who have done their own spiritual work and are in tune with her (Mother Gaia) dimensional shift, the shift they will have to make to stay in alignment with her will be reasonably easy. Just grab on, hang on and enjoy the ride. For those who have not yet embraced the mindset of dimensional shift, the transition will be a little more difficult. Those of you reading these words have, in some way, begun to embrace this shift. However, as you are no doubt aware, there are those around you who haven't necessarily taken this step. 

As Mother Gaia moves inexorably into her 5D level of existence, there will be some disruptions in your 3D way of life. The main purpose of this teaching is to encourage you to prepare yourself for these disruptions in the energy.

Ascension - More of Preparing for What's to Come - again

Preparation is the key to all that will be arriving on your planet in the near future. We do not mean to limit ourselves to talking to you about physical preparedness. We want to talk you mostly about emotional, mental and spiritual preparedness. For it is preparedness on these levels which will do you more good than any other kind of preparedness. 

We know you humans, though. We know how you think.You want to keep your physical bodies safe. And we do understand that to a certain extent. You do this because you believe that your physical bodies are the extent of who you are. You believe that if you "save" your physical body, then ALL of you will be "saved."  We want to assure you that this is not the case.

Yes, physical preparedness is important. There will be short interruptions in your power grids and in the transportation systems which are so important to your existence as a global community. But these interruptions are truly the least of your worries. You can easily prepare for them by purchasing stores of food and water to sustain you for several weeks at a time. Water will be most important for you to have on hand. You will not need vast amounts of it but please do have enough to last you for several weeks. During this period of time, please do not plan to luxuriously bathe yourselves as you do now. We know that cleanliness is next to godliness. However, please prepare for a slight suspension of that truism. For just a little while, go dirty and save your water for cooking and drinking purposes. There are other cleansing techniques which you can add to your stockpiles for the purpose of keeping your body clean and sweet smelling. 

For those of you reading this who have not given much thought to the possibility of interruption in your supply systems, we do ask you to place your awareness there for just a little while. We do not want you to immerse yourself in fear the way many people do when they first encounter this notion of needing to be prepared.

We want you to know that there is the distinct possibility that you will need to become self-sustaining for a short while - anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Not longer than that.

We are telling you this out of concern for your welfare on many levels. We want you to consider that you might be able to use this time when you cannot go about your usual daily chores to sit in prayer and meditation for the purpose of opening yourselves to divine inspiration. This divine inspiration will be useful when the day to day reality of your emergency situation has passed. 

We would suggest that you spend a little time now gathering to you some books which will be inspirational and which will teach you some things you have been wanting to learn anyway. They will be most useful during your period of downtime. Have you some projects you wish to accomplish around your home? As long as they do not require you to access your electrical grid or use too much water, this would be a good time to accomplish them. 

We will say once again that we do not mean to frighten or alarm you. Please remember that your entire planet is in a state of flux right now. She is receiving signals from your sun. She is not alone in receiving these signals. Your entire solar system is receiving the signals also. Each planet and moon and will be receiving the same signals. Each heavenly body will interpret the signals according to its own vibratory patterns. The same is true for each human on this planet. Each of you will interpret the signals created during this period of planetary flux according to your own vibrational level. The higher your entire being vibrates, the more easily you will integrate these signals into your own life. 

And so we would say to you that the best emergency preparedness plan you can have is to first uplevel your vibration. Then, from within this new place of consciousness, make your plans for personal and family sustenance over the weeks and months until the need to use what you have stored will manifest. 

Please remember that there will be those who will not receive this message. They will not understand what is happening and will react to it from within their own vibratory patterns. Some of these beings might be of a nature to want to steal from you what you have taken the time to amass for yourself. You will want to take some self-protective measures for this purpose. 

At this moment, the channel is saying to us that what we have just given to her is nothing more than common sense. And we reply to her that such common sense is not present in everyone. That is why we are giving her these words which to her do not seem so very new. But to many of you reading these words, you have been a little surprised and distressed by them. 

We mean neither to surprise nor distress you. Our purpose with this teaching is simply to awaken your awareness to what the possibilities are in the near future and to encourage you to prepare for them. And we are complete for the moment.

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