Ascension - More of Preparing for What's to Come

We have been waiting for you this month. We know your schedule has been a busy one and we have waited till you had time for us. We are pleased to be here with you.

Our message for you and your readers this month is one of warning. And in saying this we do not mean to scare either you or any of your readers.

We simply want all of you to be aware that the time is indeed drawing close. Or better said, that time is indeed drawing to a close.

We hope you have tuned in to our little pun - our little play on your words.

We want you to imagine a spiral. Start at the bottom of the spiral and notice how large the whorls of the spiral are. Now move up the spiral and notice that the whorls are becoming smaller and smaller. As you approach the top of the spiral, the whorls seem to disappear into nothingness. That is where you are right now. The whorl of your spiral is disappearing into nothingness. Or so it seems to you right now.

Those whorls are actually leading you through a dimensional boundary into the 5th dimension. As you pop through the boundary you will experience the opening into a vast new world which you didn't even know existed.

Embrace it!

You have arrived.

You are now in the 5th dimension. 

And now, oops, you have slipped back down the spiral - back into the 3rd dimension. You look around again and say to ourself, what happened? I thought I had left all this behind. Then once again there is a feeling of being pulled forward and, once again, you find yourself in that place called dimension 5. And back and forth like you will go for some time. 

It will go like this:



And soon you will live in the 5th dimension with no backward slippage. 

When that occurs your memory of having been anywhere else will fade gradually and gently. All the new beings born into your planet will enter into the 5th dimension. The entry portals to dimension 3 will close forever. Those who do not make it into dimension 5 during the great quickening will gradually, perhaps, find their way there. If you are very close to them emotionally, there will remain a connection between you though it will become dimmmer with time. 

Ascension - More of Preparing for What's to Come

In this moment, that might seem like a difficulty but it will not truly be a difficulty. It is just as if a relationship which is completed fades away. Gently. Gently. The connection is erased. And the place of connectedness is healed in the process. There will be no grand ripping. That would be a most unloving thing and we do not operate in that mode.

As the chaos of your world increases, so will your opportunities for moving forward if you are willing to move. It is all about your own willingness. You do not have to go. There are some who will and some who won't. Your free will in this matter will remain intact as will that of all your loved ones.

We cannot explain to you in a way you will understand in this moment how your dimensional shift will happen. As we said earlier, it will be gradual. Your final shift will not happen until you are completely comfortable with the new dimensional reality and completely uncomfortable with the old.

We are so excited right now. If you could see us it would be like watching bubbles in a champagne glass popping out of the surface of the champagne. We are simply giddy with our anticipation of your arrival. We have prepared a place for each and every one of you. We know that some of these places will not be filled but very many of them will. 

As you participate in conversations these days, make a supreme effort to keep the topics uplifting and educational. When those around you allow the heaviness to creep in, simply take that moment as a teaching moment and turn it around. This will help all of you in such a grand way. It will help you to recognize when you are being pulled backward so that you can move forward again. It will help the others to notice their own negativity and will help them to release it. You will be benefitting yourself and all in your presence as you learn to do this. We are with you and will help you learn these techniques.

We have brought forward onto the planet many, many healing techniques over the past 20 or so years. Use them to help clear out all the old residue from your past. The channel is doing such clearing now and, if you would like to know how she is doing it, please ask her. She will be delighted to share her methods with you.

Over the millenia, several phrases have been coined to represent the condition of slightly or even more than slightly removing yourself from your partnership with Source Energy. One of those words is the word "sin." This is the word most commonly used in the western religions. In the eastern religions, it is said that there are "obscurations" between you and Source Energy. We want you to know that neither of these words truly represents the human condition. 

The human condition of feeling separate from Source Energy is more like simply having dirty windows in your house. When your windows are dirty, you cannot clearly see the beauty of the sky and the mountain and the ocean. And what can you do about that? Simple. You clean your windows. Well, now is the time of the great window cleaning. We will help you as much as we can. Just ask us. Say something like this. Ananda, please show me how to clean my windows. We will know what you are referrring to and we will help you find the right solvent (wink, wink) to remove what needs to be removed. 

The winds of change are roaring all around you now. Do not resist them. Be like the reed which bends with them rather the oak which refuses to move and finds itself being uprooted. 

We are waiting for the arrival of more and more of you. Some are here already. Some are wobbling back and forth. And some have not yet started the journey. For those who have not yet started, we will simply say that, unless you move very fast, you will not catch up. For those who are wobbling back and forth, we love it when you appear among us. And for those who have arrived in their fullness, we say welcome dear hearts. Job well done.

We will now leave you for the moment. Remember to clean the windows. That is all it takes.  Blessings to each of you.

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