Greetings dear ones,

We are here with you this morning. We want you to watch, wait and listen carefully to the messages you hear around you for the next several weeks. Your planet is almost ready to explode - not in a physical way, we do not mean that. The energy of your planet is ready to move to a new level. Many of you will not understand what we mean. We are talking about the process of ascension which has been in the works for many years. 

Ascension is the means we in spirit use to move you on your planet to a new level of consciousness. Frequently, this process has to be accomplished via a large disaster - one that affects the awareness of all on your planet. You are ready to take the next leap. We want you to do it without the disaster this time. You made such a leap in 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence. We are going to ask you to make another such leap before the end of this calendar year. We hope you will make the leap voluntarily. We will not discuss with you the form this leap will take. For then there will be misinterpretations of what we tell you. But we will tell you to be looking for something which will open your heart and increase your access to your compassion in a way you have never accessed it before. 

Most on your planet will not understand what is happening. Those of you reading these words will have a small clue since you are now being forewarned. You will find yourselves wanting to perform compassionate actions in a way never before seen. You will not understand it but we encourage you to follow your heart and take the action you will be moved to perform. It will be different for each one of you. There will be some overlap in what you do and you may find one another within the context of the activity you have chosen. You will recognize each other. When you do recognize each other and when you begin to work together within that recognition, your actions will have many times the power of the same actions done in isolation from one another. We encourage this kind of collaboration on your planet. This kind of compassionate collaboration will be the ticket to moving you into the next level of your ascension process. 

Your planet's ascension WILL happen...

One of the things to remember is that your planet is ascending on her own. She WILL complete that ascension. She wants you to come with her. She loves you and her adoration of you is what makes her so patient with you. But she will leave you behind if you choose not to go with her. She does not want to do that. She needs and wants all the support from you that she can gather together. Her work of her own ascension will be easier if all of you are there with her. 

One thing you must be constantly aware of is that you are living in a protective bubble of energy which will see to it that you always have what you need and what you want. If you have these things, it will be easier for you to participate in the process of ascension. If you are struggling to simply keep yourself together in body and soul, you will not have the energy available to help in the process of ascension. Your planet knows that. So, for those who are willing to go with her, your planet will certainly act as a protector and give you what you need to keep yourself healthy and prosperous. For it is from the condition of health and prosperity that you will be most willing and able to help the planet do her own work. 

You hear much dissension around you right now. Do not pay it any mind. First of all, there is much more reporting on it than there is true dissension. It makes good headlines and good copy for your reporters. Secondly, it is normal to have this kind of dissension whenever something wonderful and new is about to happen. Simply be in the energetic stance of support for those in your government who are truly trying to do some good for the masses of people in your country. Help them by praying for them. Help them by visualizing their programs and policies as being complete and as being in the highest good of all who need them. Do not become caught up on the details of what you will read and hear about. The details are irrelevant. It is the grand policies which must be established right now. The details will work themselves out over time. Not all the details will necessarily be in place at the beginning of the new policies. They will arise and be understood as time goes on. Just be supportive in an energetic way. That is where you can help the most. These last statements were directed to those readers who are citizens of the United States. However, the changes which occur there will affect the entire world. So we ask all of you to be supportive of what is happening in the U.S.

We believe you have understood what we said. Please take our words to heart. Pay attention to what your heart is telling you over the next several months. We know that most of you do that already but these coming months will be more important for you and for the planet than you can know. We love you. We bless you. We are grateful to you for your support of us as we help you and your planet through your coming transition to your next level of consciousness. May you have many blessings.

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