Becoming a Global Human

Good morning Beloveds,

We are here today to share with you our perspective on the current state of your world affairs. We who are speaking to you today have never been embodied on your planet. So we speak from a completely detached perspective. We observe what is happening on your planet and we find ourselves in AWE of you. 

In your mind, you are the tag end souls of the universe sent to toil in suffering and death on planet earth. 

To us, you are magnificent beings who hold in your hands and your hearts and your minds the vast creative potential of the universe. You are the Michaelangelos of your planet. 

Every one of you who has taken a step towards realizing your own brilliance (and you would not be here reading this if you hadn't) is to be commended beyond your highest imagination. 

We want to say to you that you are on the right path. We do know that it is sometimes hard for each of you as individuals to see that. But what you all sometimes miss in your observations of what is happening around you is that you are not individuals. You are cells in a global body which is more intelligent than you even know. Your global body is waking up. She is reaching for her own enlightenment and she is taking you with her - if you want to go. 

If you do want to go, then hang on for the ride. If you don’t want to go, then she will release you and you will no longer be a part of the ascension process this time around. 

The new president of the United States, Mr. Obama, ran his campaign on a platform of change. Dearly Beloveds, you all know that change is the single hardest thing for most of you to do. And, at the same time, change is the only thing that is constant on your planet. 

You are now being asked to live your entire life “in the groove.” It is the easiest place for you to be. For, if you are anywhere else, you will be banged about and injured. But if you stay in the groove, in other words, if you make yourself available to the effects of the global changes which WILL happen, you will survive intact and not just intact but transformed into something you never imagined when you took embodiment this time around. 

The global human is being born out of the tribal human. The tribal human is leaving the planet. Just look around at where the wars and famines are on your planet. They are among the tribes – tribes which fight among each other. These tribes have been in this fight and under the burden of disease and starvation for so long that they accept it as a normal way of being. We tell you IT IS NOT. 

It was merely one step in your path of development toward the global human. 

Globalization is simply a by-product of the process of you becoming the global human...

Again look around you. There are those among you who decry globalization as being an evil thing. But we say to you that globalization is simply a by-product of the process of you becoming the global human. Every part of your planet is now connected with every other part of your planet. There are no more dense impenetrable jungles or frozen wastes where humanity has not gone. You have explored every nook and cranny of your planet. You have evolved from the isolated human living in a tribe in the middle of the frozen tundra to a global human connected at the touch of a button to the entire world. And, for the most part, these changes have happened in the last 150 years – simply the blink of an eye in the complete scope of your evolution.

Your planet is developing a new nervous system. And this new nervous system consists of a network of light which continues to grow at an astounding rate – much larger and faster than anyone ever imagined it would. This network of light - this new planetary nervous system - is only the precursor to the development of your “light body.” For, indeed, within the lifetime of many of you who are reading this right now, the light body will become a reality. You will become beings of light rather than beings of flesh and bone. You will retain your general size and shape but your density will decrease from that of bone and blood to that of light. There are those among you on the planet who have already attained such light bodies. Others are working diligently toward this condition. We encourage you to find out all you can about these beings for they are the ones who will lead you into your future.

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Meg Colby

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