Blind Spots

Good morning beloved beings,

The channel has asked us to give you our perspective on what she calls blind spots. Blind spots are a strictly human phenomenon. We in spirit do not experience such. But we certainly can see how your blind spots cause you to get yourselves in trouble. 

All we can offer you today is an outsider’s perspective. We ask that you imagine yourself to be standing along the perimeter of a circle looking toward the center of the circle. Now imagine that you are standing shoulder to shoulder with many others filling in the entire perimeter of the circle. We imagine that it is obvious to you that just as you are looking at the center of the circle, that you know that all the others standing around the outside of the circle and looking inward can also see the center of the circle.

Now, in your imagination, keep your eyes on the center of the circle and at the same time try to see whatever your peripheral vision will allow you to see. What you cannot see is what is contained in your blind spots. While you are focused on your goal – the center of the circle – there is much around you that you cannot see. It is not that you do not want to see it. It is that you simply cannot see it. It is this way for each and every one of you. When your focus is fixed on the center, much in the periphery of your vision is lost. When your focus roams the periphery, you lose focus on the center. So this is your dilemma, dear humans, when it comes to your blind spots. How do you keep your focus on the center and see as much of the periphery as you can?

We offer you at least a partial solution. Every once in a while, turn your eyes from the center and allow them to rest on your neighbors. Enough of your neighbors will still have their focus clearly on the center of the circle so that the entire focus will not be lost. Allow yourselves to rest a little from that constant focus. Allow yourselves to pull back just a little. For when you pull back, you will begin to see what you have missed in giving your constant attention to the center. Your vision will become more inclusive of your neighbors than it was before. Your vision will soften. And your vision will grow large and become less personally fixed. 

We know how difficult this can be for you when you really want to reach the center of the circle. You want everyone else to walk along at the same pace as you do so that you all reach the center at the same time. But, again, if you just imagine this circle and you see everyone moving forward toward the center, you will see that some people must move forward faster and others must slow down as the group closes in on the center. It is simply the nature of the circle that all who stood on the outside edge cannot remain at the same place in the circle as it begins to move inward. You will see that the circle is no longer a circle but more like an organized mob moving toward the center all moving in the same direction with various members moving at different speeds. 

As members of the mob begin bumping into each other – interacting with each other - there will be much information to gain from each other. And the more people you encounter on your journey to the center of the circle, the fewer blind spots you will continue to have. What we are describing here is just like your life in general – perhaps a little more intense than normal since you are being so focused on the center of the circle. 

Blind spots are normal...

Blind spots are normal for humans. As we sit at a little higher level than you do, we can watch you and see what is about to happen. We must admit that we sometimes chuckle a bit when we see a collision coming because of a blind spot. It is delightful for us to see how you change as you move from collision to collision. It is our grandest hope for you that, as you once again approach your transition from the human realm to our realm, you will do so with as few blind spots still in place as you can. 

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Meg Colby

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