Dance into the Future of the Planet

Greetings dear one,

Well, as you say, the dance has begun and there is no stopping it now. Shift with it. Let your feet leave the ground and go with it. 

What is all this about?

Your planet is making her final leap into the next dimension of her existence. She cannot and will not be stopped. For you as individuals, it is a go or a no go. In other words, you can come along with her and make your move into the next dimension of your existence or you can stay behind in the fear and turmoil of your current level of existence. It is your choice.

We stand with our hands and arms outstretched to you inviting you to join us on the journey. Indeed we do. It is now time for you to take a look outside yourself at the condition of your planet and her people and ask yourself what you can do to be of service. How can I heal my little bit of the planet? What can I do to open doors for others to join me on this forward journey? 

Remember that you are not the president of your country but you are the president of your own however large or small part of the community. You do have your circle of influence. Within that circle of influence, make yourself available to be used as a healing tool. In other words, it is now time to step out of yourself and open your gifts for all the world to see and enjoy.

The channel is now asking us a question. She is asking us what people need to hear right now. She asks us "what will shake them and wake them?"

And we answer that if they are not already awakened at least to some degree, then there is not much more that can be done for them. Those who are awakened right now are the ones who will be the leaders over the next few years. Those who have not yet awakened will probably not awaken until after the next round of paradigm shattering shifts occur. Those who have not yet awakened are holding on so tightly to the seeming safey of the past that they cannot see that what they thought was their place of safety is crumbling in their hands.

Only when they are finally set free from their notion of safety and security will they be able to awaken to new possibilities for their lives. Each one of you reading these words knows many people like this within your own life. You have made your best effort to awaken them. You have pointed out all that's happening in the world and have tried to help others see how the shifting of the planet is about to undermine all notions of the "right way" of doing things. At this point in time, if you have not been heard, you will want to stop trying to be heard and simply be seen as an example of how the new energies are playing out in your own lives.

Continue to move forward both physically and energetically as you are being led. Stay open to the possibilities which are emerging in your lives. Welcome them. Examine each of them and choose only those which truly speak to you in the moment. You do not have to "do it all." With this statement, we speak directly to the channel but our words may ring true for each of you also.

Pick your sphere of influence. Stay with it. Help it to become uplifted in previously unimagined ways. As each sphere of influence in your own life is uplifted, within it will awaken the possibility for others to be uplifted. And from that uplifting, a tide of change will sweep your planet, the likes of which has never before been seen. This can happen within the lifetime of all who are reading these words. We are not talking about what can happen hundreds of years from now. We are talking about what can happen with the next decade if you allow it. 

The dance has begun...

We want to remind you of something which you have heard said before. A rising tide lifts all boats. The only boat which will not rise is the one which is so tightly anchored into the sand that its anchoring mechanism will not let it rise. Whoever is aboard that boat will drown. Do not be among those who will not benefit from this rising tide of life. Instead join the vast majority of those who will rise with the rising of the tide. 

We are very excited about the shift happening today. You have been through much difficulty in the last few years and even though the difficulties are not yet quite finished, you will be alright. We assure you of that. We assure you that if you will let go of the past, dance lightly into the future and, above all, stay firmly grounded in the present moment, you will survive nicely.

This is a wonderful image for us. The image of dancing is what we mean. We have observed you on the dance floor and we have seen how important it is that you keep moving. The music plays continually. And it carries you forward. If you let your foot remain where the last beat took it, you will trip and fall. If you look too far into the future, you will lose sight of where the music is now. If you simply listen and respond to the current note, you will always dance gracefully and be in sync with the music.

So please continue your dance and we will see you in the near future. Many blessings and much love await you. 

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Meg Colby

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