The Emotional Infrastructure Clearing (cont)

Phases 5 through 12

By now the really tough stuff is done. You decided to re-embody. You were conceived. You spent 9 months or so in Mom's womb. You were born. What's next? The rest of your life, you say. 

Well yes, there is the rest of your life to think about. For right now though, let's just think about the rest of your life up to 21 years of age. That's how much of your life your Emotional Infrastructure Clearing will take care of. 

What I mean to say is that we'll continue clearing stored emotions up through year 21. When you look back at the phases of your life, you'll see why we'll only go that far in this particular emotional clearing. So do that if you want to and then come on back here. Each of the remaining phases of the emotional clearing will follow the same pattern. We will look for SEs, MSEs, AEs and ERs. (See HERE for definitions.) Since we did all the IEs during the phase of conception they will not be addressed in any of the remaining phases.

How many phases can be cleared at one time?

The number of phases which can be cleared during one session is dependent upon the client's energy field. I have found that the most clearing work a client can handle is about 30-45 minutes. So the number of phases which can be cleared depends upon the number of emotions found in a given phase, what type of emotions there are, the resilience of the client's energy field and the willingness of the client to accept the clearing.

The willingness of the client to accept the clearing?

You may wonder why a client would not be willing to accept a clearing. After all, they've asked for it, they've paid for it. Why wouldn't they want to accept it? I believe this can happen when a non-conscious portion of the client's energy field objects to the healing process. It doesn't happen often but I can tell when it is happening. The client may display some reluctance to continue or may get testy and difficult to work with for no apparent reason. When this happens, I suspect that non-conscious resistance is at play. I then check to see what percentage of the client's energy field is co-operating with the process and if it's less than 100% I clear the field until it's 100% on board with the clearing before continuing

Are there any after effects from a clearing session?

Receiving emotional clearing work can be compared to having surgery in that the body needs time to recover.  For that reason, there is an aftercare protocol which is simple and effective as long as the client  does it. The first thing which needs to happen is to drink a lot of extra water to wash the toxins released with the emotions out of the body. Also, get some extra rest - as much as is possible. There‚Äôs always the possibility someone might experience some additional physical symptoms - perhaps a little nausea or headache or maybe some grouchiness. Drink more water if that happens. It will soon pass.

The best after effect though, is the relief felt from not having to carry the old emotional energy around any longer. Depending upon the individual's relationship with their emotions, some people might notice the shift right away and others might not notice it all. For those who don't notice any change, I always recommend that they ask someone they're living with if that person notices any kind of change. The answer is usually something like "well, you seem to be easier to live with" or "you seem like a nicer person" or some such thing.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Well, let's see. I told you that a session runs around 30-45 minutes. There are usually 4 and occasionally 5 sessions in an Emotional Infrastructure Clearing. The sessions are spaced anywhere from 2-3 days apart depending on the client's energy field and how long my muscle testing tells me to wait between sessions. All 4 or 5 sessions are included in the price of the clearing.

How Do You Actually Do the Clearing?

Well, as I told you earlier all our work is done remotely - meaning that I connect with my client (you) via the quantum field using my intention as the link between us. When I sit down to work with you, I revisit your file to remind myself of who you are and where we are in the process. I then say a prayer placing us within the white Christ light, the green healing light and the violet transmuting flame. Doing this ensures that no unwanted energies will interfere with us. I then drop into my heart space and, using my intention, connect with your heart space. You will just continue with your life and probably not even know consciously that we are working. Once I feel connected to you, I begin the process of scanning for the emotions which are ready to be cleared and then clearing them. At the end of our session I disconnect from you energetically, let you know that our session is complete, tell you when our next session will be and remind you of the aftercare protocol.

Meg Colby

Emotion Code Certified Practitioner

Usui Reiki Master

Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner

Use of the quantum field, a.k.a. the primordial soup, a.k.a. the universal matrix, a.k.a the cosmic lattice, has become the new normal for emotional clearing. To learn more about this, CLICK HERE to download a FREE PDF of The Emotion Code. Reading this definitive book on the subject of stored emotional energy will really help you understand how easy it is to use the quantum field for emotional clearing work.