Feel the Feelings

From a reader: Ananda I always enjoy reading your news, this last one however left me w/ some emptiness that I would really appreciate your expanding on. Can you please give me some more concrete, for lack of a better word, instructions, as to how I can really learn to deal with & understand my emotions around such horrendous events as rape, murder, car accidents caused by drunk drivers etc. I know there are lessons for us all but I still have a great deal of trouble wrapping my mind around how I can specifically handle these events. 

For ex. I was told today that all the clams in the Gulf of Mexico are dying or are already dead. The brown pelican which was just removed from the endangered list will probably at least go back on it. This disaster just makes me sick inside & I just don't know how to deal with it.

Indeed these things are, as you say, horrendous. They are. There's no doubt about it. We have a different perspective than you do, however. We see you on a continuum of growth and expansion. For us, it is easier to see how these events which cause you so much consternation fit into the grand scheme of things. That doesn't help you deal with your emotions though.

It is your emotions which make you uniquely human as opposed to anything else in the galaxy. And your emotions are exactly what you've come to the planet earth to learn about. In your very humanity, these lessons are yours and yours alone. When you incarnated, you chose a vehicle which would give you the specific relationship to emotions which you requested upon your decision to re-embody. 

You, for example, my dear, it is the questioner we refer to, chose an earthly configuration which would MAKE you look at your emotions. Your configuration MAKES you feel what is around you. You chose this. You wanted to learn what this was like. You asked for it. You planned it. And you jumped gleefully into the body which would provide you the experience you wanted to have. 

And now you have it and do we hear that you are complaining about it? Well, we do not think you are actually complaining. We simply suspect that you sometimes feel you have bitten off more than you can chew as you humans are fond of saying. What we say to you and to others who have these grand responses in the emotional realm to the things around them is that you came to learn to feel these things. Others came to learn to solve problems. Some came to cause the very problems you are having your feelings about. You are all in this dance together. Some cause problems. Some solve problems. Some feel bad about problems. Some resolve not to do to anything that would cause a problem for anyone else. You all have your own role to play. 

You want us to tell you what to do about your feelings. All we can way to you is just feel them. We can see the overwhelm they cause you. That is what you wanted. You wanted to learn about emotions and feelings on a grand scale. And you are. Perhaps the next time you embody, you will be the one who creates the solutions around the problems which now you can have feelings about. 

Your concept of time comes into play here. You see yourself as separated from the events which are causing your feelings. You believe that only because your "time" causes you to. But what's really happening is that as the horrific actions are occurring, you are the emotional aspect of those things. Did you get that? You ARE the emotional aspect of those things. Others ARE the problem solving aspects of those things. 

There is no cause without effect; no effect without cause. 

There are no incidents which don't have feelings associated with them. There are those who are now learning to handle the feelings which come with the events. You are among those learning to do that. You are not the only one. There are many  millions of you humans who find themselves in the same condition.

Some act rashly based on their feelings. Some run and hide based on their feelings. Some strike out at others based only on their own feelings. Feelings are the bread and butter, so to speak, of you planet. It is in feeling the feelings that you grow into the more perfect human being. 

We simply encourage you to feel the feelings whether you want to or not. It is never necessary to do anything with your feelings. What is necessary is for you to feel them. When the birds die, cry. When the seas are polluted, cry. When the skies are filled with pollution, cry. When the drunk driver kills the child, cry. But do not let crying become a way of life. Let your crying open you up to deeper wells of feelings which go beyond tears. You cannot skip the experience of the tears, though. Instead, let the experience of the tears cause your heart to open so that you may move into the deeper realms of love. Know that stopping the tears stops the heart from opening. Let us repeat that. Stopping the tears stops the heart from opening. Tears are not a sign that the heart is open. Tears are a sign that the heart is opening. Do you catch the distinction we are making? Tears are not a sign of an open heart. Tears are the sign of an opening heart. 

There are those who do not cry at the things you and many others cry at. Sometimes it is because their hearts are so closed to the activities around them that they do not recognize what is happening. Sometimes it is because their hearts are so open that the emotions are able to pass through freely and these individuals no longer have the need of tears with which to open their hearts. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference. Your own heart will know if you check in with it. Ultimately, however, it does not matter whether another cries or doesn't cry. It only matters that if you want to cry, that you do cry. For it is in the shedding of the tears that the heart will open. And that is what you are looking for, is it not? An open heart which can hold all the joys and sorrows which come into your life. Is that not what you are seeking? We believe it is.

So, my dear, we ask you to be open to the tears. We ask all of you to be open to the tears until you no longer need them. Only you will know when that is. And we, of course, will know. We are in continuous awe of your humanity and your continuing quest to transcend the limitations of what you have chosen for yourself. We love you. We bless you. We stand before you as your teachers, your guides and your servants and are here to assist you in any way we can. 

We joyfully look forward to the day when you will have transcended our ability to help you and will, at that moment, gladly pass you on to the new teachers who await you. We are complete and we hope you have received some benefit from our words. And so it is. 

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