Gratitude and Ascension

Good morning Dear one,

Gratitude is the place to start - always the place to start. You are alive. Be grateful. You are healthy. Be grateful. You are not healthy. Be grateful. You are rich. Be grateful. You are poor. Be grateful.

What a lot there is to be grateful for. You were born. You will die. Be grateful. For life, be grateful.

As we sit here on the other side of the veil, we are in awe of you. 

You made the leap into life. You tore yourself away from the larger part of your spirit self to embody within planet Earth. How fortunate to have had this chance once again. For many of you, those chances are coming to an end, you know. Or maybe you don't know this. As the process of ascension engulfs more and more of you, fewer and fewer of you will return to planet Earth in the same kind of embodiment you have today. And we do not mean man or woman. We do not mean the color of your skin. We do not mean the religion you have chosen. We mean in any kind of dense human body.

There are those of you who have worked very hard to participate in the ascension process and you truly want to participate in the ascended planetary situation. And you will do that. That is, you will participate if enough of you take on the mantle of ascension. Planetary ascension is about attaining a critical mass of ascended individuals to kick start the process for the planet. 

You are very close. 

Some on the leading edge of the ascension process are already feeling it. Those who are just starting their ascension work have not yet felt the shift. But if you keep on this path of ascension, you will feel it very shortly. 

During this time of year, the veil between you and us is very thin. The abundance of darkness makes it easier for you to take the internal trek you need to make as you make contact with the energy of ascension. Take advantage of the darkness. Take advantage of the quiet. Be like the bear and go into spiritual hibernation. Take a respite from the hurry and worry of the world. Take just a few minutes each day to sit in your cave and make contact with us. Ask us what more you need to help you along your ascension path. Tell us what you feel is missing for you. Ask us to provide it for you. We will do that. But we can only give you what you ask for. So ask us.

The upcoming year will extract a lot from you. We do not mean to upset you but the year will be difficult. Your financial crisis has not quite yet come to an end. You have another roller coaster ride in store for you. Just be aware that it is coming. Do not worry about it. It will involve your stock market so take the necessary precautions to maintain your own safety in this regard. Pay attention. Do not sink into a miasma of ignorance. Do not allow your mind to become inattentive to what is happening. There are those who are telling you what will happen in your financial worlds. Seek out the ones who were correct before and listen to them again. They are on the money - so to speak. 

And so you ask, if we are on our way to personal and planetary ascension, why are we still experiencing these financial shakeups? You are smart to ask such a question. The two things are related to each other. The current monetary and financial systems on your planet are set up to cause you to become very attached to the need for money and this need keeps you mired in the physical world and does not allow you the opportunity to make the appropriate internal shifts to move into the ascended world. Once the next tumultuous collapse has occurred, you will be able to see how bound you were to things physical. And you will be able to see how easy it is to exist without many of those things. We do not mean to sound ominous. It is not our intention to scare you. It is our intention to prepare you. Be ready for the change. LET IT HAPPEN. Do not try to stop it. Do not ask your government to stop it. Allow it to happen. Allow the structures to disintegrate. And out of the disintegration will come a new level of integration which will support you in your quest for ascension. 

Though we know that many of you do not understand it, we are overjoyed that the collapse is imminent. We are joyful because we know that your recovery from the collapse will bring you closer to us; closer to the ascended state. And we are wild with enthusiasm (as much as we can be) that you will be able to interact with us on a much more intimate basis than you can at this moment. We await you with open arms, as you say. We are ready for you. And, for the moment, we are complete. As usual, there will be more for you at the right time. Blessings to all of you.

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Meg Colby

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