Haiti - Why? and Why Now?

Why Haiti? Why now? Why so much destruction at one time?

Greetings dear ones,

We hear your questions about the terrible event which has occurred on your island of Haiti. We hear the cries of pain and anguish coming from the participants in the quake. We feel the compassion pouring from all the hearts of people around the planet. We see the effort at helping people in a situation where help seems almost impossible. And we want to say to you that this entire event represents a new breakthrough for your planet. So close to home for many of you, this earthquake was. And yet so far away. Many of you cannot even begin to hold in your imagination or in your heart the magnitude of the damage and loss of life which has occurred. We bless you for trying.

The earth mother again is shifting as she awakens in concert with the evolution of spirit. 

And it is at the weakest points where the shift will be felt the most. Indeed, the island of Haiti is one of the weak points on a number of levels. She sits at the place where the planes of the earth come together. So when a large shift happens, those planes move and the island quakes. 

The island also sits at an economic weak point. She wants to be master of her own condition and yet has rejected and misused many attempts at helping her in the past. She wants to be master of her own destiny. Yet, she does not know what her destiny is. So she remains mired in the old paradigm of keeping the riches for the rich and allowing the poor to remain poor. And, here again, that creates weakness in her infrastructure. And that weakness has shown itself in Haiti's inability to withstand or recover from the earthquake. 

Now, please do not misunderstand us. We are not blaming the victim. We are simply pointing out effects which arise from causes. Every political body on your planet either has or will have to learn these lessons. We want to see you learn these lessons without the great destruction which has occurred here. But it is not always possible. 

So even in the midst of the massive amount of destruction and death, we see that there is possibility for an awakening of consciousness where there was none before. A lack of uplifted consciousness allowed the conditions in Haiti to evolve as they did. And now there is opportunity for the consciousness of the country to evolve. And as it evolves, the life conditions of its people will also evolve. You know the story of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. It is very appropriate to use this story here with Haiti and her current condition. 

Haiti is now destroyed.

 She is destroyed in a way which will not allow her to be "fixed." She must completely re-invent herself. She must arise anew from the rubble of her destruction. There is opportunity for her once the immediate danger and horror have passed. The question is whether or not she will allow the opportunity to manifest. 

When spirit sees that there is no hope of a recovery for a particular group of people - a recovery from their current condition - spirit takes the step of bringing about complete destruction for the purpose of complete reconstruction. That is the situation in Haiti right now.

As we in Spirit watch the world come to Haiti's aid, we are heartened at the unselfishness and compassion we see. We are amazed at the willingness to help that we see springing from all around your planet. When we see such an outpouring of love, we receive acknowledgment that the consciousness of much of the remainder of the world has increased. And we see this as the path for Haiti also. As she begins her process of rebuilding herself, she will also move to a higher level of consciousness and we support her in that process for the highest good of your planet. We want you to know that it is your own personal increase in consciousness expanding to a group level which has brought about this opportunity for Haiti.  

We encourage all of you to hold Haiti in your own awareness and to hold the light for her until she is able to, again, hold it for herself. We encourage you to do what you can to help her. We encourage you to learn what you can for your own life from Haiti's destruction. When an old pattern is ready to leave, it must be allowed to go easily and peacefully or it can go with great amounts of destruction as you see happening now. 

The very same energy shifts happen on a personal level as happen on a national and even a planetary level. We encourage your awareness of the changing patterns in your own life. We ask you to shift and change when your consciousness asks you to do so. We do not wish for you to find yourself in the midst of your own personal earthquake. We wish to see you make your personal shift easily and quickly. We are with you at all times and we want you to call upon us when you need help in making those shifts. We are here. We want to help. We bless you and we take our leave for the moment. 

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