Healing the Wound

Dear Beings of Light, 

This month we will hear about the wound and how and why to heal it. Here is what my teachers, angels and guides have to say on the subject.

What is a wound but a separation from your source? 

Source energy is the life-blood of your soul. To be separate from source energy is to be wounded. 

We as source are always completely available to you. You, however, are not always completely available to us. And that is because you identify with other than us for most of your waking life. You have come to believe that the other things you identify with are more real than we are. 

Do not mistake us now. We understand that you have incarnated into your earthly bodies just for this purpose. You have incarnated to learn the difference between us and not us. We hope this makes sense to you – there is us and there is not us. There is source and not source. It is the not us or the not source that you most easily identify with because that is what your physical being can most easily sense. 

And why do you do this? 

From the other side of life, the place you sometimes call heaven, you decide to better yourself, so to speak. To do this, you leave heaven and come to earth or, perhaps, somewhere else like earth. Maybe your incarnation is as another form of life. But whatever the form of life you choose, you are in some way separated from your true home, your true source.You do this in order to learn to find your way back. It is in the finding of your way back that you grow. 

The energetic patterns of whatever kind of life you have chosen begin to give you pleasure. We know that when you are in the midst of a human drama, it hardly seems pleasurable to you as a human. But if you could only see what pleasure it brings your soul when you choose a difficulty in life and then successfully triumph over it. Oh, the learning! It is miraculous! It expands your soul! 

On our side of the veil, there are levels of social organization just as there are on your side of the veil. As you work through those things on your side of the veil and become what you would call a better person, you also enhance the position of your soul on our side of the veil. As you learn and grow as an incarnated being, you also learn and grow in your soul energy. I know you thought that on this side we already knew it all. And we do know a lot more than you do. But we only know it from the perspective of what we have already experienced through you. It is the learning from the new experience that you are bringing us. Over and over again, you turn from our side of the veil to your side. Over and over you choose a slightly different lesson to learn. And over and over, you bring those new lessons home when you return. 

The structure of the universe is impossible to explain to a mind which is formed in the way of the human being. Do not be insulted by this statement. It is also impossible to explain the structure to a being from Arcturus or one from Venus or one from Jupiter. And yes, there are beings in those places. They are just very different from your kind of being. They see life from their perspective just as you see life from your perspective. And we glory in that diversity of view points. 

Why are we talking to you about this? Because the time is upon you when you are being asked to expand your viewpoint from the one you incarnated with when you came to your earth planet this time around. Many of you have been introduced to the concept of ascension. The ascension process is the expanding of your perspective. You will be experiencing your earth plane from a different viewpoint than you have ever done before. We want you to know that we are with you in this process of expansion, this process of ascension. We want you to know that as your viewpoint expands, your humanness is being broken open, so to speak. In a sense, it is like a chick as it emerges from its shell into the light of day. Your process is much less dramatic than that. Yet it is the same kind of thing. There is a breaking open of your senses to other realms of your humanness that you have yet to experience. And your attention to your woundedness will help you make this expansion that we speak of. 

Your psyche must be strong to be able to make this expansion. So it becomes necessary for you to heal yourself so that your physical body and your emotional body and your mental body can hold the new energy you will want them to hold. We cannot pour this new energy into a wounded vessel. The vessel will break if we do that. That is why we encourage you to do whatever you can to heal your wounds. There are many ways to go about this. There are teachers on your planet who are bringing you new ways of working with your energy bodies for it is here in your energy bodies that the healing must take place first. Find these teachers, whom you might call doctors or healers. Ask your own spirit teachers, angels and guides to help your find them. They will help you. And you must be sure to listen and act when the information comes to you.

Where have your wounds come from? They are just artifacts of your existence in whatever life form you have chosen. Over the billions of years that beings have been incarnating in one form or another, accidents have happened. These accidents have, in some way, thrown you off-track, if you will. As you began to see that you had been thrown off-track, you then wanted to take form again and have another try at it. So you would do that and sometimes you would be able to correct the error that you made before and sometimes you would make other errors and in doing so would set yourself up for a future return to correct that error. It is the way the soul grows. 

In the past, the soul would choose to incarnate into the earth plane only on the third dimension of existence. The earth herself is now making a decision to shift to the fifth dimension. You already know that the fourth dimension is the dimension of time which is unique to earth and a few other places. In her shift to the fifth dimension, the earth wants to bring as many of you with her as she can. She needs your wisdom garnered from the third dimension to help her move into the fifth dimension. She, just like you, always uses what she has already learned to help her take her next step. As we help the earth make her transition to the fifth dimension, we are also helping you make that transition for yourself. 

This brings us back to the condition of being wounded. These wounds are nothing more than blockages you have picked up along the way in some lifetime or another that haven’t yet been cleared from your system. To move toward the fifth dimension, these blockages must be opened. They must be opened so that more energy can flow into and through your physical body. There are some of you who want so badly to make this ascension but who will not be able to do so. We want you to know that this is not a punishment for you. For some of you, making this move is simply a physical impossibility. Your body is not strong enough to support the influx of energy coming toward you. Your genetic history gets in the way. And sometimes simply your belief system about your genetic history can also get in the way. If you believe you are your genes, and allow your genetic history to rule you, you may not be able to move fully into the fifth dimension. If you are willing to put aside these beliefs, then you increase your chances of moving into the fifth dimension right along with your planet. 

From the perspective of the third dimension, the process of moving into the fifth dimension can appear to be quite traumatic. Just as the earth herself manifests her movement into the fifth dimension in the way she shakes and moves around you, you as  individual beings will also shake and move as you make the leap. You must allow yourself to do the shaking and leaping – you must allow yourself to begin to fall apart so that you can reform yourself in a healthy way which will support you in moving into the new form of life. We are here to support you in this shift. We know that from time to time, it can be scary and difficult to make these changes. We want you to know that it will be much easier for you if you allow the changes to happen than if you try to hold back. Moving into the changes takes only a momentary letting go of your fears whereas holding on to your history requires a continuous effort. If you will simply let go of your fear, in that one glorious moment of release, you will gain unimagined energy for the move forward into the next level of life. 

Remember that your recognition of this new life is a gradual thing. But each step forward will mean that the next becomes easier. We are with you all the way. We are as close as your hands and your feet. You only need open to us and our presence will manifest in you. We are encouraging you to make this next leap. The leap is an internal leap – not an external one. Although there will be external consequences. When you shift your internal perception of the way things are around you, the external will automatically shift. Let go of the old. Heal those hurts from your childhood. Do not let them drive you any longer. We are here. Move toward us only one step and we will take many steps toward you.  We love you in ways words can never tell you. And we are complete.

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