How Do I know if I'm in 5D?

How would I really know if I am in 5D - the 5th Dimension?

Dearest one,

Greetings to you and to the one who asked this question.

It is a question which is in front of many people today. How do I know if I've arrived? How do I know where I am on the dimensional scale?

Well, let us start by saying that this is much more important to the human who has been "trapped" for so long in the physcial. You all feel that there is more to be had. In some sense, you feel a bit trapped by the physical body, the concreteness of all that you encounter. 

We understand this to a certain extent. Since some of us have never been so encapsulated, we do not understand it completely. What we want you to know is that what you call your dimensions are not mutually exclusive. You are not in 3D one day and then in 5D the next day. You are not in 3D until you've gotten "good enough" to go to 5D. And you are not in 5D because you've gotten "good enough" to get there.

When you are in 3D, you are also in 5D.

All the dimensions are interpenetrating aspects of being. When you are in 3D, you are also in 5D. It's your awareness that makes the difference - which dimension you perceive yourself to be in at any given moment. 

As the channel sits in her chair and receives this information from us, the vast majority of her non-physical being is in 5D. Her awareness is with us in the 5D. Well, actually, we are also multi-dimensional so we are not all in 5D but that's where her awareness is - in 5D.

But there are still aspects of her consciousness which are present in 3D. For example, she can hear the birds chirping in the trees and the cars in the street. But she is also here with us. Most of her right now is with us. When we have finished speaking with her, she will return her attention to 3D and will be predominantly in that dimension. 

That is how it is right now for the vast majority of humans. There is a tiny percentage of humanity which has completely transitioned to 5D as their usual state of being and who, as a result of that, spend very little of their time in 3D where the "normal" human being can access them.

For most of you, however, the experience is the opposite. You still spend most of your time in your 3D awareness and your attention to the 5D and above aspects of your being is more sporadic. For the most part, you still cannot operate successfully in the 3D world from within your 5D consciousness level. Many of you are very close to being able to do this. It is a matter of maintaining your boundaries so that the 3D level of reality cannot penetrate your awareness on its own but only when you allow it or ask for it to be present. That is why, right now, your attainment of your 5D awareness happens mostly when you're isolated from the outside world and are mostly in the company of those who are also already in 5D or are making their own effort to embody that awareness.  For example, when you participate in an Ascension practice or when you sit with others in meditation or even when you go to a Catholic Mass with a truly devout group of people, you are experiencing a taste of 5D. 

So we will remind you again that all dimensions are present simultaneously. One dimension is not better than another. Each dimension arouses in you a certain kind of awareness. When your desire is to experience more of that particular type of awareness, you increase your ability to do just that. Since your current awareness is in the 3D and since your spiritual teachers have been increasingly leading you towards the 5D, that is where you want to be. If your teachers were leading you into 6D, you would want to be there and that is what you would strive for. Your teachers know that to reach for 6D would be such a giant step that most of you would give up on it before you got there. But 5D seems attainable to you. So you seek to attain it. When the majority of humans have reached the level of 5D awareness, you will start your trek into the 6D. But that is some time in what you would call your future. For the moment, 5D is quite far enough. 

So to the one who originally asked the question, yes, you do have an eternal, immortal soul which has its connection in the ALL THAT IS. You have a body which contains a 3D level of consciousness as its "normal" state of being. And you are working very hard to attain the 5D level of awareness as are so many around you. It is not that you carry three different souls around with you. It is that your consciousness has become enlightened enough to be able to acknowledge your 3D physicality along with your 3D awareness, as well as your 5D body of love and your eternal connection to the ALL THAT IS.

We would say that humans on your planet today are fast approaching the critical mass of entrainment with 5D consciousness which will allow humanity to go with Earth when she makes her transition into 5D consciousness. Earth will go on her own into the 5D level of awareness. Whoever can follow her, may join her there either as she makes her leap to 5D or later on when you make your leap into 5D. We see that you and many of your companions will make this transition with Earth. Please remember though that most of Earth's inhabitants will remain with the 3D experience of Earth. This is not a "bad" thing. It is simply different from what you will be experiencing. 

One of the things which will help you and all others move along the fastest is to remember that it is your own resistance to things of 3D consciousness which can hold you back. You will eventually no longer spend most of your time in 3D but there are many others who will and that is perfectly valid for them. Please allow them to have their experience in 3D just as you have had your experience there. 

We hope this has been helpful to you - to all of you. Such powerful questions are being asked these days that it is obvious to us that a critical mass of awareness is accumulating. One other thing we want to remind you of is that critical mass doesn't necessarily imply a large volume. It implies a large amount of energy which can come from a very small percentage of the fuel. Awareness is the fuel. So a small number of truly aware human beings are all that it will take to open the portal to the 5D level of existence. 

So do not resist what is. Do not judge what is. Simply go your own way with no attention being paid to anyone else around you. Put your nose the 5D chalk line and go there. We will see you there. And we will return when asked to help you along the way. Many blessings to the channel, to the questioner and to all of you who are reading these words.

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