Hyper-drive to Love

Greetings dear one,

We are delighted that you have come to us once again to hear what we have for you and your readers. We want all of you to know that the energy patterns of your planet have moved into what you would call hyper-drive. You are moving very fast. You must be prepared for some shakeups in both your own lives and in the life of your country and of the planet herself. 

We know you have heard this many times before. We know we are not telling you anything you will be surprised at. But we also know that you don‘t always pay attention and that you don’t always prepare. We are telling that you must prepare yourselves energetically for what is coming if you wish to remain on the path to the next level of your existence. 

Your health is the most important area in which you can make your preparations.

Boost your immune system as well as you can. It is this area of your physical being which will need your help the very most. There is the illness which has been called the swine flu or the H1N1 virus. While the virus itself is not any more dangerous that any other flu virus which has been upon your planet in the past, there is one big difference this time around. Powers which want to control you have decided to make this virus seem more drastic that any virus in your remembered past. And, by the way, this virus is not a natural virus. It has been concocted by your own people for their own purposes.

They are doing this in order to control you with fear. If the virus does not get you, the fear will. That is the plan. You can be controlled by the virus or controlled by the fear. It does not matter. Control is control. Those who want to control you are very adept at finding ways to do it. All you have to do to be controlled is to be in fear. 

Now this is not to say that this flu virus cannot bring about a true illness. It can. But it is not any more serious than any other flu which has been on the planet. The difference is that it can move in a two-way fashion between animals and humans. It is this characteristic of the virus that those who want to control you will use to make you the most afraid if you let them. 

We ask you not to let them control you. Fear is nothing more than a lack of love. When the tentacles of fear reach into your being, they close out the possibility of love. They obscure the love. They place the love under a blanket of fear. The fear itself cannot harm you. What harms you is your unwillingness to act on your own in the face of fear. Fear is a mighty thing and this is well-known by those who want to be in control of you. 

But fear is unable to take root where love is strong enough to prevent its growth. Fear is like a weed which cannot grow in good soil. The "good soil" in your being is the condition called love. When love reigns in you, fear cannot take root. We ask you to be aware of your natural internal terrain of wellness. We ask you to use the tools you have at your disposal to make yourself strong and resistant to this illness which been introduced to weaken you. This weakening is meant to happen both physically and mentally or emotionally. If the disease doesn’t get you, the fear will. Either way, those who want control will have it. 

There are many products available to you which can be used to strengthen your immune system. Find them and use them. Know for certain that the quality of love is the most important quality you can nurture in yourself. Love and compassion, which are almost the same thing, will see you through these next few months when others will be chained by fear. Do not allow it to happen to you. Cultivate the love. Cultivate compassion for your brothers and sisters who are allowing themselves to be drawn into the web of fear. Show them by your example that love is the way. 

We know that you have heard this type of message many times before. You will hear it again from us. For those who have already accepted love as the only path we give congratulations. For those who have not yet accepted that love is much stronger than fear, we will keep repeating the message. You will eventually hear it. We would prefer that you heard it sooner rather than later. The planet is going to shortly make her transition into the next density of existence and we want you to be able to go with her. However, until you make that journey from fear to love, you cannot go. Only love will carry you along into the next density. Fear is too coarse or too gross an energy to make this transition. Fear is too heavy and too unevolved to continue into this next level of your existence.

Imagine yourself in a large pool of water tied to a big rock. When you free yourself from the rock, you will float. The rock will sink. It is exactly the same phenomenon we speak of when we speak of moving into the next density of love. You are love. Fear is the rock. Love can float to the next density. Fear cannot. It must stay where it is. Fill your self with love so you can join us on the next part of the journey. There will be more joy if you are there with us. The lessons of love are lessons to be taught to the entire galaxy. We want to teach the lesson in as grand a manner as we can with as many beings as we can. We want you with us as we make this jump into the next density where love rules. And so it is.

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Meg Colby

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