Joy Is The New Normal

Greetings dear one,

We are here with you today for one specific purpose - one joyful purpose. We wish to remind you and all who read these words of the importance of their own personal spiritual work. We know that you and the others are, indeed, doing as much as you think you can do right now. We want to encourage you step up your efforts. The planet is moving close and closer to her own graduation day. She wants to take as many of you as she can with her into her next level of existence. And a joyful existence it will be. And that is what she wants you and the others to know. Joy is the underlying feeling of this next level of existence.

And so we ask each of you to increase the level of joy you are feeling in your lives.

Now, we know this might sound like we are telling you to fake your feelings. You say to us, how can I feel joy when I have nothing to be joyful about? And we in turn say to you, if you simply live in a sea of joy, you will have much to be joyful about. For as our brother Abraham has said many times in the past – the law of attraction will bring to you what you are. If you are a being of joy, then joy will be attracted to you. And otherwise. 

We are using the word Joy. Others might use different words: perhaps bliss or gratitude or happiness or love or awe or appreciation. We believe you see what we are telling you. Take a moment each day to acknowledge those things which bring you to a condition of bliss or appreciation or joy. 

The word Joy is such a lovely little word. It has embodied within it the feeling we want you to have. Say it to yourself. Close your eyes when you do it. Feel the feeling it brings to you. Notice the opening of the heart when you say the word and feel the feeling. Sit with the word for a moment. Repeat it like a mantra. Repeat it slowly and hold the word for the length of a breath. Notice the changes which occur within you when you do that.  If you do this little exercise for even a few minutes each day, soon you will find yourself in a state beyond words.  Allow that state to emerge from within you. That is the feeling of the next level of your existence if you are to go with your planet when she makes her leap into her next level of existence. 

This may require that you allow an opening to happen within your body – one which you are not used to feeling. At first, it may feel a little overwhelming. But stick with it. We encourage you, stick with it. If the tears come, let them. If the music emerges, listen to it. 

We know that this is your season of joy. And we encourage you to most deeply immerse yourselves into it. Many of the spiritual traditions on your planet have chosen this time of year to be in a state of joy. Take advantage of that pattern of joy being created all around you. Feel it. And feel it some more. When the season of joy is complete, hold on to the feeling for yourself. Carry it forward with you into the rest of the coming year. 

This coming year will be one of even more changes on your planet than you have recently experienced. We do know that this seems almost impossible. We guarantee you that it is not. The more joy you carry within yourself, the easier it will be for you to weather the upcoming changes. And the reason for that is that the embodiment of joy puts you into a level of existence where these things which affect others cannot touch you. You ride above them, so to speak. You become closer to us than to the rest of your planet and we and others of our type will hold you closer to us and further away from the more difficult circumstances occurring for others on your planet.  

That is why we are asking you to reach now for that place of joy. We want it to become commonplace for you to feel joy. We want you to know how to place yourself in a state of joy. We want you to be able to do this at will. For, as you will see, being in this state of joy opens you to our vibration and will allow us to speak to you more clearly. And it will allow you to hear us more clearly. We will leave you with many blessings for your upcoming holiday celebrations. Please remember us and remember the joy. 

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Meg Colby

Emotion Code Certified Practitioner

Usui Reiki Master

Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner

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