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Yes, indeed. Lies. The only ones in the universe of beings who can tell lies are human beings in their current level of development. Lies can only be told when you believe that others cannot see into the deepest reaches of your own individual self. Lies can make you feel safe. Lies can keep others away from the places that are painful to you. Lies can keep you from seeing the truths that would be too painful for you. Lies are the security blanket you sometimes need when you are not able to accept the complete truth of yourself.

Some of your religions are quite clear in their statements about lies. Lies, they say, are wrong. You will be punished for telling lies. We view things a little differently from over here on this side of the veil. We compare lies to the bandages you put on wounds on your physical body. For a short time, your lies can protect your wounded soul from the exquisite pain of the truth. 

You are born with a blueprint of what your life is supposed to be like. Of how everything is supposed to be and how you are meant to act in the world. And when you meet something that is in opposition to what you believed, you can become so wounded that you will need to create a lie for yourself in order to continue in this existence. You will either have to create the lie or leave the situation. Most frequently, you do not really want to leave the situation so you create the lie – the bandage – to protect yourself. 

Your lies can keep you safe for a while...

If the situation for which the lie was created continues for a long time, the lie – the bandage – remains in place until you begin to believe that the bandage – the lie – is the truth. If enough lies have been created to allow you to remain in your human body, then you soon lose sight of who you really are. These lies begin to form a sort of extra skin over the truth of your being. We call this extra layer of skin the ego. For some of you it is easy to see this layer of lies, this extra layer of skin, this ego in others. It is not so easy to see it in yourself. Where are your own lies? How do they keep you safe? What do they keep you safe from? How does this layer of lies affect your relationships? These are all questions with vast and profound answers. We will do our best to speak about them here. 

Why is it so easy to see the ego – the layer of lies – in another and not so easy to see it in yourself? Your ability to overlook your own lies is a way for you to protect yourself. But the “other” does not need to be protected. The other is not you. Uncovering the lies of the other does not make you vulnerable. In fact, uncovering the lies in the other sometimes gives you a feeling of power and control. It puts you in a superior place. It puts you in the place of knowing more about the other than that person knows about herself or himself. And that makes you feel powerful. 

However, when you start to look at the lies you tell yourself, your true power starts to emerge. The trouble with this approach for most of you is that you don’t know what your own lies are. You have lived with them for so long that they have become a part of you. So how do you begin to strip off this layer of lies? 

Well, when they are being lived, lies have a certain feeling to them. They cause a contraction in your second or third chakra. It is in these two places that you live out your lies. It is also in these two places that you can live out your truth. And the way to know the difference is in how it feels. Here is where it gets very difficult for us to help you. For we do not experience a physical body the way you do. So though we know what is happening in your body, we cannot describe it to you from a human perspective – from the perspective of having experienced it ourselves. All we can tell you is that when you are living from a lie, you will feel a contraction in the second or third chakra and when you shift your action to the truth, that contraction will dissipate and you will experience a clear flow of energy in those areas. 

For so many of you, this contraction has become such an intrinsic part of your existence in your human body that you do not even recognize this condition of contraction that we are trying to describe to you. You simply think that that is how you are supposed to feel. But we are telling you that it is not. Your energy is meant to flow unimpeded in these two areas of your body. One way to recognize what we are describing to you is to be aware of how you feel when you are engaged in a mildly pleasurable experience – not anything too intense. When you are enjoying the presence of your pet, for example, or when you are driving in the country unimpeded by any traffic and simply enjoying the act of driving – not thinking about anything in particular. These are moments of clear flowing energy in your second and third chakras. These are moments of truth expressing in your life.

As you can see, these moments are not particularly overwhelming in any way. They are simple. They are easy. They are true. And as you begin to learn what your truth is supposed to feel like, then you begin to learn what the lie feels like. And as you begin to learn the feeling of the lie, you can begin to release the lie. Now, for many of you, there are layers and layers of lies which have built up over the years. So it may take some time to completely release them all. But once you start to become consciously aware of these lies, then your only true task in life is to release them. It becomes a continuous process. And one well worth the effort it will take.

One of the by-products of beginning to release the lies of your own being is that you will then become more aware of the lies in others. This newfound awareness can be particularly difficult when you are involved in an intimate relationship with someone. You can then begin to feel the need to point out the lies in the lives of the other. But the thing you must remember is that it is not a lie until the owner of the lie recognizes it. So now you have a choice to make in your relationship. Is the truth you see in the other important enough to you for you to accept the lies you now see in them? And the answer to this question will determine whether or not you can go forward in the relationship. 

Please do not judge the lie and the liar too harshly. For as you can see, you yourself are also, at some level, a liar living out some of your lies. You are protecting yourself with them until you don’t need to do that anymore. Then you will release them. As you do that for yourself, please allow others to do that for themselves also. It is most important to remember that the more you can live in the truth of who you are, the more you make it possible for others to do the same. We encourage you to examine your feelings in your second and third chakras for the constriction or contraction which indicates the lie, release it, live from the newfound freedom of the bit of truth which has now emerged and allow others to do the same. 

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