Listening to that Still Small Voice

Good morning Beloveds,

We hear your request for more guidance. We are aware that you are now feeling a little at loose ends, as you say. The great dissolution of your financial system has happened. The excitement of it has died down to a certain extent. And now you are simply left with the aftermath. You are left with this feeling of depression that frequently follows a great feeling of excitement – whether that excitement is over something good or something bad. Most of you feel that this crash of your financial systems was a bad thing. There are those, however, who recognize the good aspects of it. As a culture, you have learned a lesson – again. It is a pity for you that these lessons do not "stick" to you for very long. The lesson is that the source of your security is not in the things of your world – rather the source of your security is within yourself. When you listen to the voice within, the answers to all your questions are there. When you seek satisfaction, the source of it is right there inside you. When you need your own guidance on which way to go – this way or that way – your answer is within. Look within first. 

And some of you do that. But you are not always satisfied with the answers you receive from within. Sometimes those answers are different from what the outside world gives you as an answer to the same question. But you must understand that those of us who are the source of your answers from within have a broader view of the world than do those who are the source of your external answers. We do not operate from fear. We do not operate from anger. We operate only from a place of highest regard for your soul. What we are telling you right now is not new information for you. Even though you have had knowledge of this information for a long time, you do not use it. Why not?

You don’t use it because sometimes it seems too simple to you. The still small voice within is just that – still and small. It is quiet. It cannot compete with the loud voices in the world around you. 

Listening to that still small voice...

We will admonish you now to become ever more aware of that small voice. In the next few years, it will become more and more valuable to you. The world around you will become increasingly more confused. There will be increasingly more voices telling you what to do. They will be telling you what THEY think is right. The thing you must recognize is that most of these voices will be speaking from a place of fear – not a place of love and regard for you. 

We, however, we, your own teachers, angels and guides or your TAG team as the channel likes to call us, do have as our central focus your highest good. We spoke last time of the separation that is coming upon your planet. There are those who will come with us into the higher dimensions and there are those who will stay with the earth plane as it exists in your experience right now. This separation is occurring right now. And it will be happening for a number of years yet. There is no way for you to stop it. But you can hold yourself back from joining it by listening to too many voices of those who have not chosen to make the leap into the next dimension of existence. 

We want you to move into your next dimension as we move into ours. We are actually there already and we will be moving forward also. We want to bring you along to take our place. You will be needed to fill the jobs we are now doing. You will be needed to act as the TAG team - (TAG – Teachers, Angels, Guides) - for those being left behind in your current existence. You will become the new teachers of the new age. You will become the ones the others will look to for their internal spiritual guidance. But you must move into the space where you can do that task.

Most of you are not there yet. Many of you know that you are being prepared for something. You are just not sure what it is. You are the ones being tapped to build “the new Jerusalem”, the new Shambhala, the new world of light which will now infuse your planet and help her rise to the next level of her existence. 

You are so blind in so many ways to the activity of your planet. You think that water is just water and that mountains are just mountains, that trees are just trees and clouds just clouds. You cannot yet see the vast depths of life within these aspects of your planet that exist just outside your reach because you are locked into your belief that their 3 dimensionality is all there is. We tell you that you have but scratched the surface of the life within these elements and more on your planet. There are worlds within worlds which you know nothing of. And we want to share these worlds with you. We are anxious to do so. We are bursting at the seams of our very life to do so. We are making the pathways for you to follow. We only ask that you do the following. 

Life is a continuum. The life you are living today will not cease to exist. There will be others to live it after you make your ascension to the next level of existence. From within that next level, you will be able to look back and still see them. You will be able to help them as we now try to help you. We know it is difficult to see and acknowledge that there is a higher level of existence from within which you can look back into your physical world and see it differently than you do now. We want to assure you that it does most certainly exist. We are speaking to you from there right now. The channel has some access to this dimension. She marvels that our energy can speak through her to you. But to us, it is simply a normal, natural thing. It is no different that you picking up a cell phone and using it so speak to someone half way around your planet. That is also a miracle to someone who does not understand the technology. 

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