LOA - Law of Attraction

Good morning Dear one,

We will speak today of the Law Of Attraction - LOA. It is a subject upon which more has been written and spoken than on most subjects of this nature. LOA has attracted the interest of almost everyone who has encountered it. And, of course, it works for you whether you have encountered it or not. For those many millions of people who have encountered LOA in one way or another, it has brought about many changes in their lives. 

One of the most difficult aspects of the LOA is that it works whether or not you are aware of it and whether or not you invoke it in your life. It is like the law of gravity in that respect. Whether you believe in it or not, it works. Apples fall to the ground whether or not you believe they will. It is the same with the LOA. It will do its work regardless of your belief system.

The frustrating part for so many people is that they do not feel like they are in control of LOA. Indeed, they are not. The only thing they are in control of is themselves. And when they do not take control of the patterns within their own being which attract certain things to them, they say that the LOA does not work for them. We are here to tell each and every one of you that the LOA does work for you. And you say, yes, we have heard this all before. But I still don't have that new job. Why not?!

Within each human being there are energetic patterns which vibrate at a certain frequency. Those patterns were not necessarily placed consciously within the human. They are patterns which carry forward because of historical, social and genetic conditions. They are energetic patterns which are so ingrained in the human being that the human does not even know they are there. For example, what if in a former lifetime you took a vow of poverty. That vow of poverty may still be active within your larger being and may still be influencing your relationship with the LOA. You as an individual may not even be aware of it. And if this is the case, it will keep playing a part in your ability to attract money until it has been recognized and cleared. And this is just one example of a certain kind of pattern which keeps the human vibrating at a frequency not conducive to attracting the wellness and prosperity you would like to attract.

Law of Attraction - we all want to believe it works...

Within your awareness, there are many tools available which could be used in clearing out these old patterns. We want to suggest to you that you avail yourselves of these tools to help in your process of clearing out the old patterns which are holding you out of the way of what you really want to attract. (Side note: Look at the column to the right for one such tool.)

Most of these tools are ones which work with you on an emotional level. However, it must be remembered that some of these old patterns have pushed their way into your physical body. So it will be necessary for the physical aspects of these patterns to be released also. And again, there are many techniques available to you for clearing old patterns out of the physical body. 

There are teachers on the planet who have told you that riches abound for you if you open yourself to them. They are correct and these riches are simply waiting for you to arrive to where they are. Love waits for you in the frequency place of love. Wealth awaits your arrival in the frequency of wealth. Wellness waits for you in the frequency of wellness. All of these things have their own vibratory frequencies which are constantly calling to you. They want you as much as you want them.

Ask your angels to guide you to the processes which will help you release the blocks to these things. They will guide you. You may not like the places they guide you to initially. But eventually you will begin to see that the places your angels guide you to are beneficial to you. These places open you up to the LOA.

When you first start to release the blocking patterns, you may experience some distress on the physical or emotional level. Do not let this sort of thing stop you from moving forward. Let us give you an example of what we mean. Imagine for a moment that, for some reason, your right hand has closed itself into a fist and has remained that way for many years. As you begin to heal, you might begin to realize that you can start to open your hand. As you do so, there is great pain because the muscles of your hand have become used to being in a certain position. But you know that if you continue the work, your hand will eventually become completely open and useable to you again. You must not let the pain which will arise from opening you fist after all these years stop you from continuing the process.

It is the same with other patterns you will be wanting to release. At first you might feel what you would call a negative reaction to your work. Do not stop your progress. Allow it to continue and allow yourself to move through the pain. Eventually, it will completely disappear or at least become more bearable and you will have back for yourself that part of yourself which you had no access to before you did your healing process. 

We are waiting for you to recognize the places of blockage in your life. We are waiting for you to release those blockages. We are waiting for you to take the steps which will bring you closer to your own wellness and prosperity. We hold you in light. We hold you in love. We are here to help you every step of the way along your path to wholeness. We encourage you to take the first step or to continue your progress if you have already started. We are here for you. We love you. We bless you. And we are complete.

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