Good morning Dear one,

We see that you're wondering about something and would like to help you with it. You've been wondering about your culture's seeming obsession with the maintenance of a youthful appearance in the body. 

Yes, we notice that also. We do not have to worry with such things since we do not have the same kind of physical body that you have. But we do understand the obsession. And it is not simply one of vanity. 

There is becoming active in your DNA the genes which will allow your bodies to live much longer than they have in the past. Though your conscious awareness hasn't yet grasped this, your blueprint is preparing you for this coming condition. 

At some level in your being, you know that this is going to happen. Even within the lifetime of the channel, the life expectancy of the human has risen considerably. Much of this increase is because of the efforts which have been made to provide methods of diminishing sickness on your planet. 

But there is also this other element playing a part. The element connected with the awakening of new pieces of your DNA. Your scientists have coined a term. They call the pieces of your DNA which they can not scientifically explain "junk DNA." We smile our own kind of smile when we hear such language. For we know with certainty that the Divine Source, the Creator of your beings, did not create any kind of "junk." We are amused at the arrogance of your scientists to believe that this could be true. 

So when the psyche of your human race begins to have an awareness of the increasing longevity being awakened within you as a species, you begin to activate that condition on all levels. And one of the levels is the physical level. In some parts of the world and for some people that manifests itself simply as the increased ability and will to live longer. 

In other parts of your human race, it manifests as the desire to keep the body in good condition so that the increased longevity will have a good vehicle to live within. In the effort to maintain the body, those with the money to do it right now are the ones who are taking part in this longevity revolution. 

Some people are taking the route of using many vitamin supplements to increase the body's sense of internal health. Others are taking the route of changing the exterior of the body so that it will continue to look younger. Both paths are expressions of the same thing. Humanity has begun to realize that it can live longer than it does. And so you are making an effort to do so. 

We support all aspects of this effort - even when they seem to be taken to extreme in some of you who can afford the varied and expensive treatments you are applying to your body. For we are aware of the coming change in the life span of humans. One of the reasons for this increased life span is so that you as humans can get more "bang for a buck" as you say. You are being given an increased amount of time in a given embodiment to reach for the ascended state. The longer a spark of divinity is embodied in a particular incarnation, the more time that divine spark has to attain the conscious awareness of living in the ascended state. 

Longevity and ascension...

When the body is in good condition and is healthy on all levels, it can use more of its energy to work towards ascension. You must remember that much of what we are talking about happens subconsciously for many humans. Not all humans consciously recognize their purpose in having taken on the body. But even if they do not recognize it at a conscious level, their souls recognize it. So whether you consciously recognize your purpose here as being one of attaining ascension or whether you do not, that is still your ultimate purpose. 

And the longer one sojourn in a body lasts, the more progress can be made in one lifetime. So when you see the efforts that are being made in so many different ways to extend the body's ability to remain in a healthy condition for longer and longer period, you are seeing the outpicturing of the awakening of new elements of your DNA. 

And that, dear one, is the explanation from our perspective of this phenomenon. We hope that this will give you a new perspective on all efforts at attaining longevity and remaining in a youthful condition for longer than you have in the past. With this we bless you and we depart.

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