Preparing for What's to Come

Greetings dear ones,

We are here with words for you this morning. Unfortunately our words may not have the soothing effect you would wish them to have. To use an analogy belonging to your farming community, the chick is just about ready to peck her way out of her shell. 

We want you to remember what happens when a baby chick is ready to come out into the light. To do that, she must break through her shell - the shell which has been holding her in seeming safety for a short period of time. 

That is the condition you all are in right now. You've been held in the safety of the 3rd dimensional shell. Or at least you thought that was how it was. 

However, at a soul level, you are growing behond that stage of life. The shell of the 3rd dimension can no longer contain you. You have advanced so far and your vibration has risen so high that you must break through that dimensional container or you will die.

Oh, you will not die physically. Nevertheless you will die to the opportunity to enter the 5th dimension with the planet when she makes her transition into 5d.

Your archetypal institutions do not want this transition to happen. They are artifacts of the 4th dimensional world holding you in place in your 3rd dimensional world. If you move into 5d, they can no longer control you. Then what would they do for fun?

They will fight tooth and nail, as you so colorfully say, to keep you in your place. Blacks? Stay down where you belong. Women? Stay down where you belong. Gay? You don't even deserve to exist. You completely stand against what the 4d archetypes stand for. Be in control of your own monetary existence? Not if we bankers can help it. Make your own connection with the divine source? Not if we churches can help it. Heal yourself? Not if we drug companies can help it. Live in peace? Not if we of the military command can help it. Think for yourself? Not if we of the media can convince you that we can think for you better than you can for yourself.

All of these institutions are controlled by the archetypal forces belonging to 4d which want to control your every thought and action. And all are imploding from within. 

So you see how much of your world is in the process of falling apart right now? Is it any wonder that chaos seems to reign supreme wherever you look? Your world is an ugly place right now. But ugly is the precursor to beauty. Chaos is the precursor to a new level of organization. The disintegration of the control structures of 3d is the precursor to the the new constructs awaiting you in 5d. 

Are you afraid? That is how those who are of the belief that they are still in control would like to feel. If you are afraid you will still need and want them to protect you. But you are now at the point where you realize that their protection is nothing but a jail cell and you are at the point in your development where your freedom has become more important to you than your security. At least this is true for those of you who are willing to make the transition. 

We are here waiting for you. We honor your efforts. We love you for having the courage to keep doing your work. 

More of preparing for What's to Come

We do want you to realize that there will be some disruption in some of the planetary systems you have created. There will be moments when you would like to have your electricity and it will not be there for you. There are moments when the flame on your stove will not ignite and cooking your food will become a problem for you. There will be moments when the shelves in your stores will not have the fine stock of food and other things that you are used to seeing and buying. 

Prepare for these moments. They will not be forever moments but they will occur. Purchase some supplies which will keep well and which will serve you when such action occurs. Do not be completely reliant upon your electric grid for everything you will need to sustain your life. There will be moments, long moments, when it will not be available to you. 

The largest problem for so many of you will be your water supply. Yes, even that may be disrupted since it relies on your electric grid. Please have some backup supplies ready for yourself. 

Do not fear the containers you must store your water in. Simply know that it will be better for you to have the water in your plastic containers than not to have it at all. 

Whatever are the things you consider your necessity, have a small supply of it which you will be able to draw on for several weeks at a time. We wish we could tell you exactly what will happen and when it will happen but we cannot. So much is dependent upon the willingness of you and others to move along smoothly in this energetic transition that even we cannot see a clear path into your future. The possibilities are so numerous that to attempt any kind of prediction is not a valuable exercise. 

If we are wrong it will make us look bad. We joke a bit with you. But it is surely true that the timing of these disruptions is not able to be predicted accurately. So believe nothing you hear which gives you such a supposedly accurate prediction. But please do believe us and others who tell you that the disruptions WILL happen.We just cannot tell you exactly when or how. 

You have had enough of a warning from us now. And if you will reread our previous words to you, you will realize that we do not normally provide you with this kind of message. So just heed our words. Make your preparations and stand by in joy and love while these final stages of preparation for transition to 5d are occurring.

We are with you in love and joy. We are ready to answer questions for you if we can. We are ready to listen to your complaints about what is happening. But we cannot nor would we want to do anything to interfere with the inevitable changes. For when they have passed, we will welcome you into our world. May you have many blessings in the coming times. And with this we depart for the moment. 

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