Realignment With Source Energy

Good morning, Beloveds.

We are delighted with the continuity of the teachings we are bringing you. From your last publication, a question has arisen. The question is "how do I realign myself with Source Energy?"

This process of realignment is really a process of letting go. The only thing keeping you out of alignment with source is the burdens or baggage you carry with you. These burdens act as filters keeping out the true light and love which is who you really are. 

So the process of realignment is really the process of letting go of whatever you no longer need to carry with you. Please know that as you walk through your life as a human being, you do pick up things which seem helpful in the moment. For example, if you are abused by someone in your family, you will just naturally pick up some kind of energetic shield to protect yourself from that abuse. It is completely understandable and even wise in that moment. When that moment passes, you no longer need that shielding energy. Usually by the time you recognize that, you have carried your shield with you for so long that it just seems like a natural part of yourself. So you continue to carry it whether you need it or not. You think that it is just who you are. 

But it isn't. It is your shield from an earlier period. It is a filter. It is a protective device which is no longer valuable to you. So how do you let it go? 

Before you can let it go, you must recognize that it is there. And how do you do that? The recognition is actually very easy. And each one of you experiences it many times throughout your day. Do you ever get a tightening in your gut for some seemingly unknown reason? Of course you do. Do you ever notice that your heart is closed to someone but you don't know why? Yes, you do. Does your solar plexus ever feel as if it is twisted and constricted? You bet it does. These are your body's indicators that you are experiencing something which is disconnecting you from source energy. 

When these sorts of indicators make themselves felt in your body, take a moment and see if you can find the thought you just had. See if you can connect that thought to an ongoing pattern in your life. Or see if that thought is one which you have had repeatedly. Notice if you would like to rid yourself of that thought. The thought might be connected to an old pattern. So to rid yourself of the thought, you will have to rid yourself of the pattern. 

There are many ways for you to do that. There are clearing processes aplenty in your world today. The channel herself can even help you with these things. Call upon her if you will. But the real work is up to you. You are the one who must release the thought pattern you no longer need once you recognize it. When the thought pattern has been released, the discordant emotional pattern will go with it. When the emotional pattern is gone, your body will no longer feel the closing of the heart or the gripping of the gut or the constriction in the solar plexus. 

So your body is your way-shower. When your body is no longer burdened with these distressing feelings, you will know that your burdens have been discarded. Now this is not something that will happen all at once. It is your lifetime's work. As one level of distress is released, another one might appear beneath it. Just keep releasing. 

You might find that different methods of releasing work for you at different points in your life. Sometimes bodywork is the key to unearthing and releasing these old patterns. At other times, perhaps the use of essential oils or The Emotion Code or certain kinds of meditation will be just the thing. Allow yourself to move with the needs of your body and your emotions. Recognize that sometimes the thing that worked the last time will not work this time. And realize that a given pattern may be present in varying degrees and when you release one level of the pattern, another level appears for you to work with. 

Do not be discouraged by this process. It can be exhilarating to find yourself in a situation which in the past would have been distressful for you and to notice that you are no longer experiencing the distress. When that happens, you know that you have taken a step closer to source. Complete realignment with source will only happen when you pass from this human existence and return to spirit. Your lifetime is spent getting closer and closer. 

Can I really achieve realignment with source energy?

Just know that you planned it this way. You set these tasks for yourself. You created these challenges for yourself. You did it before you took embodiment this time. And remember that the whole point of being here on your earth is to learn the meaning of love from within the human dimension. You are meant to experience "not love" so you can experience love. If you didn't know what it felt like to live without love, or to feel that way in any case, you would not have any way of recognizing the presence of love in your life. Your not remembering seems to be the greatest obstacle of your human existence. But that is how it was set up by Creator. You have been expelled from the love which is source energy into a particular situation and your work in this lifetime is to find your way back to source by resolving the obstacles provided within the situation you chose this time around. 

And, you ask, why would I have done such a thing? 

Why? To learn. To grow. To experience. And to return to source, create a new game for yourself and come back and do it again. Eventually there will be no more separation from source as experienced by human beings. You will be finished with the human experience and you will move on to other experiences of being separate from source in ways your human mind cannot begin to grasp. That is how it is. It is a constant coming to source and going out again with a new challenge either in the human world or in some other world. You are only finished with the experience of life when you have experienced all there is to experience. And since the universe is constantly evolving and growing and becoming more than it was before, you will remain always and forever in the state of growth into new levels some of which have not even been created yet. As will we. And with this we are complete for the moment.

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Meg Colby

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