Riding the Spiral of Light

Good morning Beloveds,

We feel your sense of confusion and chaos regarding the current status of your world. You see it falling down around you. If not your own personal world, then the more global world of which you are still a part.

You see the bricks falling, you feel the impact of them on you and yet, you feel as if you can do nothing to stop the disintegration. And, yes. That is correct. You can do nothing to stop the disintegration. 

No one can stop it. Not even your dear Mr. Obama. The disintegration MUST continue. What you most need right now is a steady energy which can guide you through the chaos. You, as a country, and ultimately, the whole world, have that in Mr. Obama. He can’t change it. But he can help you navigate the mess. 

And in your personal life, you will also need that steady hand at the tiller. You will need that hand which will help to guide you yourself through all that is happening right now. You have that guidance in us – in your very own teachers, angels and guides. We are here for you at all times. 

When you were born, you named us as your guides. We accepted the task you set upon us. We will never leave you. We feel your pain and we beg you to call on us and to avail yourself of whatever kind of healing it will take for you to be able to hear us. We can help you move safely through all that is happening around you. 

“But, how?” you say. How do I hear you for the all the noise around me? And we say to you that whenever you feel that discomfort in your gut, in your belly, in your solar plexus, that is us talking to you. We are telling you that you are moving away from us. The discomfort is us telling you that if you will but stop, sit and listen for a few moments, you will find the place where that discomfort disappears and you will have received our help. 

But how do you do that in the midst of your busy day to day life? 

Well, it is a matter of coming to know what we sound like to you. Our voices sound different to different people. Some people feel us as actual physical sensations in various parts of their body. Some people hear us as a little voice in their head or in their heart. For some people, we are a visceral sensation. Some people see our signs in the world around them – a little bird on the window sill or a cat crossing their path at just the right moment. We are experienced differently but our message is the same. We are here for you. Seek us. Ask us. Listen for us and to us. 

For some people, the access to this kind of communication seems blocked. 

It can be blocked by an individual’s belief systems or by emotional injuries they may have sustained earlier in their lives. Some people may be so involved with the mental aspects of their lives that they cannot believe that there is anything beyond that. Some people’s physical bodies may hold them so tightly that neither emotions nor thoughts nor inspirations can come through. 

You are all in a process of learning how to make contact with us. That is why you incarnate – to learn, through the patterns you incarnate with, to find us once again. We know this sounds strange to you. Why on earth would you do that

Do you get our little joke? 

Why, on earth?  

Well, that’s what earth is about. This is the learning path of the earth. You start in our realm as the very subtle essential energy that we are. You add to that subtle body more and more layers of energy which make you more and more physical until you are so physical that you can’t imagine being anything else except physical. And then it becomes your task to slough off all that physicality that you have heaped upon yourself in order to return to the spiritual realm where WE live all the time. 

Here’s the important thing. Each time you do that, you return with more and more knowledge which will help you the next time around. And, yes, there will be a next time around for most of you. 

But that still brings you back to the question of WHY? WHY do we do this? Why is this process repeated again and again and again? Is there any ultimate purpose to all this becoming human only to become spiritual again only to become human again only to become spiritual again? Or do we just go round and round and round with no real purpose to it all? 

Well, haven’t you just asked the question of all eternity? The answer to which would stop the evolution of consciousness in its tracks. 

Yes, it is a conundrum. You want to know why you go round and round in this circle but if you knew then you would stop going round and round and the purpose of your life is for you to go round and round. 

What you must realize is that this going round and round is not really going round in a circle. It is going round in a spiral. So each time you go round again, you are at a higher level of development. A higher level of development of what? A higher level of development of your own universe. 

Whoa! You say. My own universe? What does that mean? 

See. We knew you’d ask that. And we can’t really answer that question for you because we are still looking for the full answer ourselves. You see we are on the same spiral path you are on. We are just at a slightly higher level on the path. You are catching up with us very quickly. But we don’t quite know where this will take us either. We just know that we must keep going and that you must keep coming with us. We move higher and you move higher with us. And if you don’t move higher with us, it holds us back. At some point, our desire to move forward will be so strong that we will have to slough off those of you who do not want to come along and there will be a “split” in consciousness. One part of consciousness will continue to move forward and the other part will stay behind to continue maintaining the status quo or to return to a previous status quo.

Those who are left behind will have to again realign themselves with another level of consciousness which will again travel forward with them. And the ones who want to move forward now will do so right along with us. This is the great split that has been spoken of so much in various forms in many of your spiritual writings. We are now at that point of the actual energy split. We are, indeed, moving forward to our next level of existence and we most sincerely hope that all of you who have the opportunity to read these words will be with us. May you have many blessings, whichever path you choose.

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Meg Colby

Emotion Code Certified Practitioner

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