The Basis is Love

Greetings Dear One,

We've been waiting for you since last evening. Our message to you and all who read these words today is the usual one we bring you. It is a message of love. But it is a message of our love for you. This time around we want you and you readers to just feel how much love we feel for you.

We know that you all do not know how lovely and love-worthy you are. We know that you used to know this and your loss of this knowledge is what has so burdened you and your world that you need us to remind you of it. 

We see some of you walking down the street or sitting in your car with your head down and we feel the sadness streaming forth from you. You are so sad for so many reasons but the reason underlying all of the other reasons is that you do not feel loved. We want you to know how much we love you. Sit with these words for a moment and really feel them. We love you so much. We just love you so much. And did we tell you how much we love you? Indeed we do.

Love is the underlying foundation of your being. You have forgotten it. Not all of you. But many of you. We want you to begin to remember this love. We want you to begin to re-member yourself. 

Yes - The Basis is Love

Each and every day, we invite you to take just a moment of your precious time and think of us. We go by the singular name Ananda in your world. In our world, we are many and the basis of our existence is love. We want you to share in our love. We want you to open yourself to this love for just a few moments each day. 

It is the love forgotten that troubles your world so much. How could you ever hurt anyone whom you love? 

Indeed, you couldn't. 

We recommend that you start "small" with this love re-membering. Just start with one person. Just start with yourself. No one will know what you're doing. You don't have to tell anyone at all. In fact, we recommend that you do not tell anyone else what you are doing. It will be our secret. 

We'll give you all the love you can handle in a period of one or two minutes - however long you feel you can spend with us. We'll give you all that love and you just sit and receive it into yourself. But please keep it a secret. Don't let anyone else know what you are doing. They might make fun of you and then you might become distressed and decide not to continue with our little love-fest. 

Just sit with our love and let it fill you and permeate all your cells. Say something like this, Dear Ananda, here I am. I'm just sitting for my two minute break with you. I'm doing nothing now. Please come and fill me with love. 

We'll come. We'll give you all the love you can hold. But don't tell anyone. Just let them notice on their own. After you've done this for a few days or a few weeks, see what happens. If someone does mention to you that you seem to be different than you used to be, thank them and continue to come sit with us every day. If they really begin to bother you with their noticing something about you, then forward these words to them. Tell them that this is your secret. 

They won't believe you, of course. But just continue to sit with us. Continue to invite us to fill you with love. 

If you've noticed, the channel keeps using the word "we" when she refers to us. That's because we are a we. There are many of us here. You'd be surprised who is inspiring these words. But who we are is not important. It's the love that's important. It's all about the love. 

When you sit in the love, you are in the safest, most protected place you can possibly be. There are no worries here. There is no distress here. Here there is only love. We invite you to become our guests in this space of love. When you come to sit with us, just say "Ananda sent me. I'm here for the love." 

Two minutes a day. You could do it in your car. Turn off the radio and listen instead to the frequency of love. Feel instead the vibration of love. Listen instead to the music of love. 

We believe we could bring no more important message than this one. We are here waiting for you. Call on us. Be in love with us, blessed ones.

We have said enough for today. We will be looking for you in love.

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