The Individual and The Group

Dear Ananda,

I have a specific question for you this evening. Here it is. How do we humans learn to be fully empowered as individuals and simultaneously completely immersed in the group?

Greetings dear one,

We are champing at the bit, as you say, to bring you this information. For this is the primary question of your time on this planet. Indeed, each of you is an individually embodied facet of Spirit. However Spirit is one. So you are already an individuated aspect of Spirit. But the great question for you as a human is how do you express that community or oneness aspect of yourselves all together even as you remain individuals. Yes? That is the question, is it not?

Your eyes have been closed to the communal aspect of yourselves. That happened as you took embodiment. But the great task set before you is to re-open your eyes to this communal aspect of yourselves as spirit before you leave the planet this time. Each time you embody, you learn more and more how to do such a thing. We will tell you now that it is not something you will do in one or even 100 lifetimes. It takes the ongoing effort of your continuing embodiment as a human being to accomplish this. 

The first step to the accomplishment of this is the recognition that community of spirit is what you are aiming for. There are many, many of you who have recognized this in these times. Communities of spirit and spiritual communities are becoming well-established among you. We know it doesn't seem that way to you. Nevertheless it is true. 

Think for a moment about your internet. What is that but a community of individuals participating in one of the grandest community experiments ever to be started on your planet. As with most things which are good, this one was established from within a framework of war and violence in that it was initiated by your government's need to communicate secretly about elements of the planet which it didn't want ordinary people to know about. It is still used for that in some ways. In some places hidden behind the electronic doors of highly encrypted websites, there are some very nasty things. However outside those doors there are some very wonderful things which could literally not exist were it not for your beloved internet. 

Again, among all the goodness found on the internet, there is much nonsense - found mostly among those who have not realized the spiritual importance of the internet. Those people are of no consequence to you except that they cause your messages of light to be somewhat slower to arrive at their destinations. But, again, it is truly of no consequence to you who truly understand what is happening with the internet. Those who just want to play have created many tools which those who want to pray can use for the greater good of the planet. Among us here, there is no judgment of these things. Each aspect of the development of this wonderful tool simply makes it more useful for our purposes. It makes the internet more useful for the purpose of recognizing and organizing the spiritual communities of individuals working together with each other. 

This is the best example we can give you of how empowered individuals can simultaneously enhance their own individuality and well as become completely immersed in community. 

The Individuals are The Group

There are things which must happen internally to the individual to help that individual recognize that such a relationship between the individual and community is possible. Generally, an individual feels that he or she might be consumed by the community if the involvement with community becomes too great. That is why you hear your friends say that they do not like to join groups. The channel herself has expressed that sentiment on more than one occasion. Her latest experience with a group effort turned into a nightmare for her. It is to her credit that she continues to be willing to once again become involved with a group.

Each encounter with a group shows you as an individual where your rough aspects are. Each encounter with a group shows you as an individual where to make changes in personality or needs or desires so that inclusion within a group can once again become a pleasant experience - at least for a while. At least until the next set of rough edges shows itself. And then, once again, you get to see where you need to do some work. It is an ongoing struggle for many. We will tell you that without the feedback from the group - from the community - you will never evolve as an individual. We know that sometimes you just need the peace and quiet of some individual time. But we say to you enjoy that little gift. For if you want to continue to grow, you absolutely must join some kind of group once again.

So the answer to your original question is that you learn to do that by just doing it. If you have the least bit of personal awareness and want to make use of it, you will shortly begin to see where you have difficulty within the group. You will make the changes you need to make internally to allow yourself to become a more healthy member of your group. But many do not care. They are interested only in their own aspect of individuality - not the aspect of the group. And that is a perfectly reasonable path to take, from their perspective. Also from our perspective. For what we say to you is that this learning will continue for you until you no longer embody on this planet.  Again, you do it by doing it. So we encourage all of you who have an aversion to joining groups to re-evaluate that position. We ask you to realize that it is the community action which will hone you to the fine jewel of a human being that you really want to be. 

Your planet is moving into the Aquarian age - the age of group or community action. Those of you who want to be truly successful in the next age of humanity will place your effort upon learning to work well within communities of all kinds.  

So we suggest to you that you make an effort to connect yourself with some kind of community. We would recommend, of course, that the community have a spiritual purpose at its core. But do not expect that even if you find yourself a group of spiritually minded individuals to bond with that you will have found the perfect community. For each one of them, as well as you, will be still working your rough edges. You may find that you will have to join with a number of communities one after the other to truly hone yourself as an individual.

We do encourage you to do this. It will be for your own highest good and for the good of the planet. For the more quickly you can work together in community, the more quickly the planet will be able to move into her next density where spiritual community will be a most important aspect for the individuals who come together there. We hope you will take this opportunity for growth because the planet is quickly moving toward the next density and we would like to see you there. May you have many blessings and we will await further questions from you.

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