Good morning Beloveds,

We are here for you in this moment of distress on your planet. Your money systems are disintegrating. Your political systems are disintegrating. Your churches have already come apart at the seams. Remember, if you will, the great earth changes we and others have spoken of for many decades. You were expecting one thing. But you have another. You were expecting the world to rattle and shake and spew fire. Well, she has done some of that. But it is your man made systems which are really rattling and shaking and spewing fire. 

And for those of you who stand outside those systems, the danger and the damage doesn’t seem too great. But for those of you who are enmeshed in those systems, the damage is, in some instances, very great. We have told you many times in the past that your real strength and safety would lie in your relationship with us and with the strength you have built up inside your own being. But you have continued to put your trust in those systems which are outside yourself. And now those systems have failed you. It was your choice. And that is what you came to the earth realm to learn – how to make wise choices. 

We know and you know that free will is one of the greatest lessons and gifts of your third dimensional reality. So you have used your free will to choose where you would place your trust. For those of you who have trusted us and your own inner being, you will weather this storm with relatively little damage. For those of you who put your trust in the outer systems of your planet, you might not fare so well. 

But what we truly hope for you is that you will learn from the current disasters. Just to be certain that you are clear what we are talking about, we will use an example from your physical world. In many places in your country – the United States – there are rivers which overflow their banks every year. Sometimes the overflow is more radical than at other times. There are those of you who insist on building your homes on the banks of these rivers and in their flood plains. You live in the hope that the flood will not happen to you. But, more times than not, it does. Then you call your insurance company and, with their money, you rebuild your house in the same place and then you wait till the next flood arrives and you repeat this scenario. But now your insurance companies are also going bankrupt. So what will you do the next time the flood arrives and your insurance company cannot help you? Who will you blame? Will you blame God? Will you blame your government who let you build where you did? Will you blame your insurance company for defrauding you? Or will you look onto the mirror of your own life and see that the problem is there? 

Trust what you find inside yourself...

So what is it we are really trying to tell you? We are really trying to tell you that there is only one place you can look for your strength and that is inside yourself. 

In spite of all that we have just said, please remember that we are here for you. We feel that you resist our presence in your life. And we would ask you to give up that resistance. It takes so much of your energy to hold us away from you. It takes so much of your energy to close yourself to us. It is much easier on you to simply let go of that resistance and allow us and our energy to flow through you and to carry you along with us. We are constantly moving toward the greater good of your and our existence and we want to take you along with us. We WANT you to come with us. Your life would be so much easier if you would just release your grasp on what YOU think is real and come with us to that which is REALLY real. 

It was your trick on yourself to incarnate into this dense physical body which squeezes out all the light we want to share with you. And then you seek to open yourselves back up to this light. This is why you are here on the planet – to open yourself back up to the light. Allow us to help you. Allow us to help you open and fill you with all the light we have for you. But in order for us to be able to do that, you have to know us and to trust us. Remember that we helped you set up this game you are playing. Let us lead you through to its conclusion. And what is its conclusion? Its conclusion is your recognition that it is all a game. And when you withdraw your energies from your earthly creations and place them in us again, you will have won the game. 

Please do not think this is a simple process. It is not. The game you have set up for yourself is a really tricky one. You should know. You set it up. But we know how to win it. And we can show you if you will let us. There are many ways to begin your path back to the light. Any one of them will work for you. Just choose the one that feels best in the moment. And remember that what feels good right now will probably change in the future. Allow that to happen. Do you want to study angels today and practice tai chi tomorrow? That’s OK. Do you want to learn astrology now and later on let it go? That’s OK too. Whatever method allows you to open up to us more completely is acceptable to us. We welcome you on our path. We welcome you in whatever form you choose to join with us. But, most importantly, we encourage you to begin your path homeward. Remember that we are where the truth lies – not the things you have created on your planet. Wherever you choose to join us on the path is OK with us. Just, please, join us.

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Meg Colby

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