We Choose to Speak of Healing

Greetings dear ones,

We are here today to speak of healing your planet. There is only one way to heal your planet and that is for each one of you on the planet to heal your own self. 

We ask you to consider this. When your body is in pain or distress of some sort, how do you heal the distress? If it is a sore muscle, then you receive a massage and you work with muscle. If you have a migraine headache, you work with the headache and heal it. If your ankle is distressed in some way, you heal the ankle. Whatever is in distress, whatever has been misaligned with source energy, that is what you heal. 

It is the same with the planet. Whatever part of the planet is in misalignment with source energy, that is the part of the planet you want to heal. We believe you would agree with us when we say that each one of you on this planet is in some way misaligned with the source energy which infuses everything that exists. We would also say that the easiest thing for you to heal is the thing that is closest to you. And that is, of course, your own being. So, again we will say to you, to heal your planet, heal yourself. 

We know that this sounds simplistic to you. We know that when you watch your news programs and listen to them on your radio that you can become overwhelmed with all which appears to need to be healed on your planet. You ask yourself if you should really be concentrating just on yourself when there is so much devastation in Haiti and Chile, when there is so much war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And we say to you, that is exactly what you should be doing. 

Heal yourself, heal your planet. 

When you are in distress over the condition of the planet, you are pulling your energy away from its alignment with source. When you allow your life to become a process of realignment with source, you will realize that every person on this planet has his or her own job of realignment to do. When you are in alignment with source energy, "bad" things will not happen to you.

Your life is lived from within an energetic bubble that is very personal to you. Your own personal bubble of life is different from that of anyone else on this planet. We know that you know this. Your physical world shows it to you in many ways. Your fingerprints are unique. Your eyes have their own unique pattern not reproduced by anyone else on the planet. You are your own being. You must work with yourself and the places where you feel misaligned with source. Only in doing this can you truly make a difference.

You might ask how you know when you are misaligned with source. Your body tells you everything. If you are in pain and distress anywhere in your body, you are misaligned with source. If the misalignment is of an emotional nature, you will sense it somewhere in your body. Perhaps there will be a tightening in your gut. Maybe your belly will feel out of sorts. Maybe your heart will feel closed. All of these things are indicators of emotional misalignment. If your misalignment is of a mental nature, your thoughts will be wild and crazy. You will not understand where they are coming from. But when those same thought patterns are realigned with source, they will become calm and peaceful. 

One of the things necessary for you to recognize these signs of your misalignment is for you to slow down enough to actually feel the distress. When your life is so full of distractions that you do not actually feel what is going on in your body, you are setting yourself up for an increase in your separation from source. Only when you can take a few moments out of your day to pay attention to your own body, emotions and thoughts will you begin to recognize your separation from source.

Those of you who live with a relative degree of wealth are most fortunate in that you, more than most people on the planet, have the time to do this. When a human being is so consumed with the activity of staying alive, then there is no time to make a connection with source. Those of you who are lucky enough to have this time must use it to make these connections. 

In one sense, it is becoming more of a challenge to sense your misalignment with source. This happens because time is speeding up. As time speeds up, you are moved along with it at a much faster rate. And as you move faster, you have less of an opportunity to simply be with yourself. It is to your benefit to insist to yourself that it is necessary to slow down for at least a few moments during your day. For it is in this time of slowing down that you will become aware of the lack of ease in your life. The simple awareness of it is enough to start you on the path of realignment with source. When you recognize your disconnection, you can begin to reconnect. If you do not know you are disconnected, you will not start the process of reconnection. 

The planet is moving along her path of evolution to a higher dimension. There's no stopping her. She wants you to come with her. We want you to go with her. To do so, you must be vibrating at the new level at which she is vibrating. You must connect with her at her new level - not at her old level. Those who stay at the old vibration will feel the results as their lives fall apart right in front of them like the old institutions on the planet are falling apart. Make your move toward realignment. Work with your personal healing in a way that brings this alignment to you. 

When you do that, joy and gratitude will show up in your life. These are the feelings which will keep you in alignment with what's unfolding around you. We hope to see you in the new world we and you are creating. May you have many blessings as you find your way home. We are complete. 

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Meg Colby

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