We Choose to Speak of Love

Greetings dear one,

It is an act of bravery to stand before us without an agenda. You have no idea what we will say to you and to the others today. 

We will choose to speak of love. 

And why do we make that choice? Is it not the most spoken about subject in the world of the spirit? Do not all the channels tell you repeatedly that love is the only true thing there is? Have you not heard time and time again that nothing matters except love? Of course you have. But we come with a slightly different approach to the subject of love for you today. 

Yes, love is all there is. And why doesn’t everyone see it and feel it and know it? Well, it is like the fish in water. The water is so present for the fish that the fish cannot see it. Any good fish will ask you what is water? What is the big deal with all you humans talking all the time about water? We don’t see any water. We just see the ocean we live in. But you keep calling it water. What does this mean?

Well, my dear, you humans are living in an ocean of love. Love is so prevalent, so all-pervasive that you cannot see it and most of the time aren’t aware of its presence. You are like the fish in water. You are the human in love.

Now doesn't that give you a different sense of what love is? Love, like water, IS something. It is palpable. It has mass and density. It can be felt. It carries a certain amount of resistance just like water does. Imagine an angelfish moving through the water. The water resists the fish as the fish moves and displaces the water around it so it can move forward. But as the fish moves forward, the water flows around it and through it and bathes it and holds it in suspension and provides a resting place for it. 

Love does all those things for you. 

Like the fish who cannot live without water, you, dear human, cannot live without love. Perhaps your immediate experience of love is not quite as substantial as the fish's experience of water. Nevertheless, the love is there. And the love holds you in suspension and the love helps you move forward and the love flows through you. 

And without the love you will die. 

The part of you which will die is the part of you that makes you most essentially human. Yes. There are those on your planet who seem to exist without love. But look at them. Do they have the vibrancy of one who lives in love? When you are in the presence of a being for whom love is a real and true thing, you can feel it in them. You can see it in them. And when there is an absence of love, you can also see and feel that.

Which would you rather be around? And which would you rather be? Like the currents in water which carry the fish along with them, the currents of love will carry the human being into places which might not be expected. In order to go into those places, the human must give up control of its own way. And that is something the human being does not do easily. 

The human mind wants to be in control of the human's direction in life. It wants to plan and know and direct the path of the human through life. But we tell you that the mind of the human has such short-sighted vision that it cannot possibly know what direction is the best one for the human to take. 

It is the currents which flow through the ocean of love which will carry the human in the best direction. But to be carried along on the currents of love, the mind must release its grasp on the human being. In using the word mind, we are talking about the intellect and the emotions of the human being. For the mind consists of both these things. And when the human being allows itself to be drawn along by either its emotions or its intellect, it will usually find itself in a place it does not really want to be. But when the human being opens to the currents of love which contain the physicality and the emotionality and the intellectuality of the human; when the human allows itself to be directed by that love, then it will find that all its intellectual and emotional and physical activities will be right for it. 

And, of course, that requires the human to release control of its life and to let love be its only guidance system. For when the human lives in the vortex of love, all other things which come to the human come from the place of love. We could speak for many hours on the subject of love. And, indeed, many have done so. But the real lessons will only be learned when you can feel the love in your being. We do not speak of the emotional kind of love. We wish that your language had another word for the kind of love we speak of. Alas, it does not. The love we speak of is quiet and peaceful. It does not excite. Its effect is one of calmness and bliss. In the pool of love, there are no thoughts, no emotions. Only awareness of connection to the ALL. 

Recognition of this love sometimes brings tears to the one having the recognition. We understand that opening to love can be a profound experience for the human who is not used to it. And we understand that the profundity of that experience can bring about tears. We encourage you to shed those tears for it is in the shedding of those tears and the opening of the heart which accompanies the tears that love is able to make itself felt. 

As your physical body becomes more used to the presence of love, the tears will subside to a degree. But they will never be completely gone. For as you open to each successively more profound level of love, new tears will emerge. Shed them. For in the shedding of them, you wash away any blockages to that new level of love. If you could shed enough tears of love, you would find yourself completely reabsorbed into the "all that is." We encourage you to reach for that. We are holding a place for you here in the all that is. We await you with joy and expectancy. For we do know that you will eventually return to us. And with all the love we have for you, we now leave you for the moment. 

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Meg Colby

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