Your Life and Time

Greetings dear ones,

We are always called by the channel to bring you the message you most need to hear. How, you may ask, could each one who is reading this piece of writing need to hear the same thing? The channel herself often wonders this. And yet the letters of appreciation you send to her say that it is so. And so we would like to tell you how that happens. 

Even though each of you looks different from the one next to you, in actuality, you are not different. You are all the same. You are uniquely the same. Does that make any sense to you? You are uniquely the same. You all arise from the same source energy. You each express it uniquely. So, you see, you are uniquely the same. 

At one point or another in each of your lives, you all want to know the same things. You all ask the same questions. You all have the same realizations. And eventually you will all come to the same state of consciousness known as enlightenment.  But you each do all of this within your own timing.

So when the channel writes something from us that strikes a chord in all of you simultaneously, it is because all of you are - somewhere, somehow, sometime - asking and wondering the very same things. Maybe a given topic is more in the foreground of thought for one of you today than it was yesterday or will be tomorrow.

Whatever the timing, you still have the urge to know this information.

Some want it now.

Others wanted it later but now realize now that they do want it.

So those of you who want this particular bit of information right now are so relieved to hear it because you have been wondering about it for some time. And those of you who say, well I have thought about that in the past and now I understand it, you are having your past question answered. And yet others will say, I never thought about that before but it’s a good point. I’ll remember that for the future. And something in each one of you is satisfied by what you read. It’s a miracle! It’s magic! The teachers are so wise that they can speak to your past, present and future. 

What does that tell you about past, present and future?

So many of your earthly teachers have told you that there is only the NOW. 

That there is no past, present or future.  

But you cannot easily grasp this concept so you pay it lip service to it or you simply dismiss it.

Time defines all you know about yourself and your planet. You cannot conceive of life without time. You were born in the past, you live in the present and you will die in the future.

Yes? No!

It is all happening in the one instant known as the NOW. But how? 

It is the way you have built your experience of your world. To sit encompassed within the NOW is to sit without movement, without thought, to sit in the eternalness of source. It is similar to the experience you can have in your meditations. It is an experience of the status quo of life – of LIFE in its grandest sense – of unchanging, never-ending LIFE. For the period of time that you experience this glory, which some call bliss, you are still, not moving in any way, completely immersed in the experience of the NOW. 

Indeed, it is glorious but it does not accomplish anything in your physical world. And you did not come forth into the physical world to simply sit it such a state of bliss. You came forth to work with the essence of your world to make things happen. So to do this, you must pull yourself out of the blissful experience of source and into the on-going experiences of your every day life. And as you begin to live the day to day life that you have, time makes itself felt in your life. In the process of moving from experience to experience you recognize the passage of time. 

The further you move from a pure experience of source to the individual experiences of your day to day life, the more you become bound by time. And when you are completely closed off from source you are completely immersed in your time. You know the feeling of timelessness when you are doing something you truly enjoy. Where did the time go, you say. It went nowhere. It was you who, in doing what you love, took your attention and placed it closer to source. You moved beyond your normal experience of time, briefly coming closer, once again, to source. 

And what does this have to do with the original message? It is that the words of the channel are presented from a timeless state and you, as you read them in your state of time, each one experience them in a most personal way relating to what you call your past, your present or your future.

We invite you to work with the process of meditation so that you can more fully experience this timeless state we speak of. But do know that this state is only to be visited; it is not meant to become your permanent home as long as you are on the planet. You can, however, move closer to it and have a more frequent experience of it knowing always that you will return to the place where time is the governor. You can learn to play with time. Make time your friend. You can fly through a section of time on speedy wings or you can slowly crawl through on your hands and knees. Just do what makes you feel the best. And that is all about time. We love you and bless you.

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Meg Colby

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