The Emotional Infrastructure Clearing (cont)

As I thought about this emotional infrastructure clearing, I had already realized that the emotional infrastructure was created early in life so I had to determine what age range I would apply to the clearing. I couldn't clear an entire life. I mean, what if my client was 88 years old. And I couldn't stop too soon or I would miss significant periods in my client's life.

So I determined (using muscle testing) that the period I should clear was from pre-conception through 21 years old.

I then took that length of time and, again using muscle testing, divided it into 12 segments or phases which are:

  1. pre-conception
  2. conception
  3. time in the womb
  4. birth
  5. 1-6 months
  6. 7-12 months
  7. 13-18 months
  8. 19-24 months
  9. 25-36 months
  10. 4-7 years
  11. 8-14 years
  12. 15-21 years
I decided that I would scan each phase, in time sequence, to find out what emotions had become stuck there. Upon discovering that, I could then clear the emotions from each phase. You can learn more about that process here. That's how the emotional infrastructure clearing was developed.

Let's Look at the Phases
of the Emotional Infrastructure Clearing

Phase 1 - Pre-Conception

This is an interesting time period. It describes the time between when the soul decides to re-embody and the time the re-embodiment actually takes place. I think of this phase as being kind of like a sliding board. Once you hop on the sliding board, there's no getting off till you hit the bottom. Well, what if you decide half-way down that you didn't really want to do it.

Surprise! Too bad! You made your choice. There's no backing out now!

In that phase however, you could experience any number of emotions. For example, you might experience shock at what you're heading in to. Or perhaps fear of what you see. Or perhaps resentment at having to do this again. If you experience these emotions strongly enough they might actually become stuck in your energy field. Now, granted, you don't have a body at this point but you do have an energy field which will eventually become your body. So if you bring the stuck emotion of resentment in with you, it can easily reproduce itself in your physical body. And if it does that, it will become one of the driving emotions in your life - unless you eventually do something about it.

Phase 2 - Conception

This is my favorite phase to clear. Clearing emotions acquired during this phase is so very powerful - for both my client and for so many others. Let me explain. As you saw in the section on stored emotions, there are a number of different kinds of emotions to be cleared.

With one exception any emotion can become stuck in any phase of the early life when the emotional infrastructure is being created. That one exception is the inherited emotion (IE). That type of emotion can only be acquired at the moment of conception; the moment when the egg and the sperm meet carrying with them DNA from each of the two parental lineages. 

That DNA is bringing with it the unresolved genetic tendencies from all its previous generations. Those tendencies can be positive or negative. They can be physical or emotional. It is the negative emotional tendencies that I'll be looking for in this phase. For example, perhaps a tendency toward anger is prevalent in one of the lineages. The carrier of the anger might not himself or herself display anger just like a carrier of tuberculosis might not have lung issues. It's in the DNA - not in the person. It may manifest or it may not. In any case, the anger has manifested in the past and may manifest in the future if it has not been resolved in some other way. 

When I discover an IE using muscle testing, I check to see which lineage it originates from. Let's say it's from the mother's lineage. I then check to see if the IE comes from the mother's mother or the mother's father and note that. I then check to see how many generations back that IE can be found. Thus far, 47 generations is the furthest back I've found something. Someday I may find more.

Genealogists consider a generation to be about 25 years. So the 47 generations of anger I found rounds out to about 1200 years. Something happened back at that time which was was so profoundly impactful that it became stored in someone's DNA. Then through the generations it was passed down to the present time. Now most inherited emotions do not track back that far. In my experience so far, most of them are somewhere under 20 generations - but that's still an awfully long time.

The implication of that is that anger breeds more anger. One angry person can have six or seven children who could all have inherited the anger gene and passed it on to their offspring for generation after generation. What began as one stored emotion of anger in one person 1,200 years ago could have exploded into hundreds or maybe even thousands of angry people having angry children who become angry adults. This is an extreme example but you get the idea. Negative emotions literally breed more negative emotions. 

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Meg Colby

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