The Emotional Infrastructure Clearing (cont)

Phase 2 - Conception (cont.)

These next few paragraphs may be hard for some to accept and that's OK. Here goes anyway.

When this emotion is inherited, one recipient may be able to resolve it in a lifetime. Others may not be able to do that. When the inherited emotion is not resolved, it will be carried forward at the soul level to be resolved at another time. As that soul re-embodies, it may bring the emotion with it to take care of it this time around. As that soul rejoins the human realm and moves into the phase of its life where it becomes able to reproduce, it may very possibly reproduce offspring who will again carry that emotion of anger forward for another generation. Now you can see how familial patterns are formed.

Returning to the moment where someone is receiving an emotional infrastructure clearing here's what happens. As I scan the phase of conception I will find all the inherited emotions the individual brought forward from either or both parental lineages. Then I determine how far back in the lineage each of these emotions can be found. I note these things in order to use the information later on as I move into the releasing portion of the clearing session.

Now here's the really fabulous part. During the releasing portion of the clearing session, I use intention to REMOVE - did you hear me when I said REMOVE - that inherited emotion starting all the way back at its origin and coming all the way forward through each ensuing generation including my client and any offspring from my client.

Just for a moment think about the impact of that upon the planet. Had my client and I not done this clearing, how many souls might have re-embodied into the human realm still carrying that emotion with them, still passing it on to their children, still continuing to have to work it out at the karmic level?

Please read that last paragraph again. I hope it has the same impact on you as it does on me every single time I complete a clearing on the conception phase of my client's life. Hundreds or even thousands of souls have had this emotion cleared and will not bring it back with them the next time they re-embody. They will no longer pass this stored emotion on to their offspring and their offspring will not have to handle its repercussions. I believe this action makes the planet a better place. I hope you do too.

Meg Colby

Emotion Code Certified Practitioner

Usui Reiki Master

Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner

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